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Tips according to the letter of the year 2020

This year, where the lyrics warn of several negative aspects that can harm our life and health, we must increase the level of awareness of all the thoughts and actions that we carry out on a daily basis.

We currently live in a world where evil and risky situations haunt us every day, whether for global, national, political, social and even religious aspects, we must treasure our lives and understand that being here and now is a true miracle of God.

Our personal mission this year

We must commit each one of us, first to be better people, better religious, to act with kindness and humility, to work based on spiritual growth and when we have achieved it, we must help our neighbor, all those around us, to sow and reap good deeds so that my dayañamake the world we live in a more beautiful and healthier place. But from today we must be the ones who, with a grain of sand, contribute day by day with faith everything within our reach.

Do not be limited by negative people or things, envy, hatred, discord, shame, ignorance and lack of hope, focus on love and everything, absolutely everything will be possible.

We must worry about our health.

Although it is true that what is destined to be, will be, and as we say in Cuba what is there for you, no one takes it away from you, we must be cautious and go to the doctor to consult, respect the periods of medical check-ups and attend us if we feel that our body gives us some sign that it is not well.   

It is essential to continually help control social indiscipline since it is an aspect that can directly harm us all, in the face of acts of rebellion, wars and situations in which discord reigns, this year, above all things, should be peace. to guide our steps.  

We must be respectful of nature, be aware of all the damage that human beings are causing on the land where we live and take care of the environment, contribute with it every day, without forgetting that the planet is a sacred place and our home.  

Let's take the tips as a guide to follow.

These tips from the letter will this year be a guide to good behavior that we must follow with ourselves, with our body and spirit, our family members, the people around us, our environment, nature and the land we walk on.

This year we must be more sensitive to others, act with respect when we interact with others and not commit social indiscipline, such as disrespect or annoy others with disrespectful attitudes.

The disposition that each of us carry on a daily basis may be loaded with hatred and ignorance or with love and wisdom, it is our decision, we choose to act on the way to our spiritual growth and educate those around us, in understanding we find the reason and peace.

Taking care of our health is the most important thing.

Our health is and must always be the most important pillar, because our body is a sacred temple that we must take care of and learn to listen to. Regarding the predictions of the letter we must be especially careful with food poisoning, if we undertake the journey of self-knowledge of our body, we will learn how to feed it, avoid products that may be in poor condition, gluttony and excessive ingestion, it is very important to maintain adequate hygiene, wash hands before handling food, cook it properly and maintain the cleanliness of the products that we are going to put in the mouth.

Tips that will save us from a bad path.

Alcohol abuse is a serious problem that has been increasing in our society, which we must face with determination to help our friends, families and people around us to abandon the vice and all the consequences that it brings, dañandondo personal and work relationships, obstructing peace and health, causing problems of spirituality and personal growth.

Couples must help each other to grow, respect, communicate and admire each other, and the day they are no longer able to maintain love and respect they must end that relationship and avoid committing adultery, something that the lyrics speak about this year especially. .

Let us become aware that the powerful Orichas Oshún and Obatalá this year are the ruling deities, this world lacks the love and compassion of Iyalorde and the patience and wisdom of Baba, let us be consistent with this powerful message from God and respect, let us act and continue to act with great faith.

The flag that protects us this year.

Our flag of the year, as Oshun has been ruling with Obbatalá, is a yellow square bordered in white, since it represents who governs and who accompaniesaña.

It should be placed on the door or at the entrance of the house.

Last year our Iyalorde also ruled but with Oggún and therefore the flag was represented in yellow with green trim.

May this flag this year give us much protection, with the blessing of the Orishas who cover us with their cloaks.

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