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Advice and works to Eleggúa to open the roads

Works to Eleggúa to open the roads

The works to Eleggúa must always be carried out with great faith, it is the little giant who opens the astral of happiness, helps you reach your destiny and to open the paths in your path always grants you what you want from the heart.

Gratitude opens the way for you.

Blessed week have everyone with the blessing of Eleggua, do not forget to thank for the blessings received and those that are to come.

Every monday You can clean yourself with what you have put as an offering to the little giant and in turn replace it, you can also put rice at the door of the house and on the way to work for your development and prosperity.

Raise your left hand (the one with the heart) every mañana and thanks Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare for one more day of life. 

The little giant opens the way to happiness.  

In front of Eleggúa you should not quarrel, is respected and cared for in the right way for our prosperity.

Remember that Eleggúa opens and closes the astral paths of happiness, you cannot walk through the door whistling because he lives behind it and in religious ceremonies he is attended first.

Our child Eleggúa travels between the earth and the sky so that Olofin and Oloddumare know what happens on this side. Tend him and keep him happy with candy and toys, but be carefulDo not spoil him too much because he is playful and sweet and then does not work.

Maferefun the little giant Eleggúa!

The road will be hard, but it will be worth it.

Eleggúa helps you open the way to successRemember: all roads have slopes, climbing them is difficult and therefore tiresome.

Eleggúa will always give you a boost in difficulties, but it will not load you up, by this I mean that you must put all your effort, even if it seems hard and long the road.

Not only you, we all get tired and find ourselves lost once in a while before reaching the top, the more you climb the more the mind weakens and many abandon the goal.

It is you who opens the way, "wanting is power", my grandmother used to say and as always, she didn't lie.

Work at the foot of Eleggúa for health.

There are many works to open the roads, today I leave this work at the foot of Eleggúa that I have always done for health reasons.

First of all, with the permission of my Guardian Angel and the person who performs it. Each work that I recommend has worked for me and I hope you too.

Need a dry coconut, you must paint it with cascarilla, we spread cocoa butter and it is placed on a plate for 7 days, a candle is placed on top of the coconut which we will light every day at the same time, you are asked for that person who is sick and after 7 days this coconut is placed at the door of the cemetery. 

You can use a single candle, it is important that the garment every day at the same time.

May this work restore health to all the sick and May Eleggúa's blessing protect you.

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