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Eshú: How should I converse with Elegguá? Prayers to invoke the Orisha

Chat with Elegguá

Elegguá is a holy warrior and also the smallest of the Orishas.

She is the deity who owns the paths and destiny of human beings, of good and evil.

  • Your number it's the three and
  • their colors they are red and black.

To make a request to Elegguá, various prayers can be used, but the person must be standing, as this is a symbol of:

  • Your good intentions,
  • of bravery and
  • that he is ready to go out and fight for his future at any moment.

How to invoke and converse with Elegguá? A prayer for the Orisha

Elegguá owner and lord of the 21 roads I ask for your blessing, thank you for everything you have given me.

I beg you father to keep one of the paths that you control open for me, so that I can take refuge in it when adversity attacks me, so that I may seek in the same way on this earth I will go, health and all those blessings that you provide me if I deserve to receive them.

I ask you father, you who are an Orisha Warrior, make my wars yours and help me defeat my enemies.

Guide me on the path of goodness and help me not to doubt when making decisions, I pray to you today also for my work and for my family.

Keep my path free of osogbos and distractions that could cause me to stray from my path.

Lucumí prayer for Elegguá the owner of the roads

Omi tuto, Ona tuto, tuto Laroye, tuto Ilé, Eshu Agogo, Eshu Alagguana, Eshu Agotipongo, Eshu Ayo mamaqueño, Moyubao Iyalocha Moyubao Iyabbona. Agotipongo, Eshu Ayomamaqueño, Moyubao Iyalocha Moyubao Iyabbona.

Quincamanché Camaricú, Omo Bed, Ifi Bed, Oña Bed, Ayaré Unló Bed Ona quebofi queboada, Ochosi adegrú pdemata Babá Orisha. Ona quebofi queboada, Ochosi adegrú pdemata Babá Orisha.

Translation of the Lucumí Prayer into Spanish

I refresh you so that you open the way, with the permission of my elders, I refresh you so that you open the way for me, with the permission of my elders, I ring the bell so that you open the door for me counting too with my Angel I ring the bell so that you can open the door for me, also counting on my Guardian Angel, Godfather, Godmother and all the presents of the Yoruba Board.

Health to me and all my children. Ashé.

We share some powerful rituals on behalf of Eleguá:

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