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3 Coquitos for Elegguá: Open doors of solvency and well-being in your life

Coquitos for Elegguá

If your life is blocked in some personal or spiritual sense, you can make this offering to Elegguá, the little giant in the Rule of Osha (Santeria) and warrior par excellence with Oggun, Oshosi and Osun.

Eleggua is represented as a small African boy in the Yoruba religion, he is also symbolized through the qualities of a brave warrior, he is the custodian of the path of the religious and we all count on him so that the obstacles dissipate.

We carry out this work on your behalf so that you can help us, because Elegua has the key to open doors in life and solve all the problems that arise along the way.

How will this religious work with Elegua help us?

Well, since in our homes and jobs many times dense negative energies accumulate and nothing flows as we expect, we feel that everything stagnates, then we must develop our spiritual side.

When the roads are closed, we must activate Elegua and ask him to work on our behalf to help us make everything go better.

  • The orisha will help us to have health, love, abundance, to control enemies, avoid diseases, get a job, open our paths, have prosperity and improve our luck.

This is an addimú (offering) that is easy to make and very effective, of course, as long as it is accompanied byañado of faith

Remember that faith is not believing that Elegguá will do what you want or believe, it is just believing that he will do the right thing and what suits you at that moment.

Ingredients for the ritual:

  • 3 processed coquitos
  • 1 dish
  • 1 candle
  • Tobacco
  • Brandy or rum
  • Honey
  • Red precipitate
  • 3 cents (three pennies each)

How to prepare the sweet with coquitos for Elegguá?

For this ritual you can buy the coquitos already made or you can make them yourself the way you are used to.

"The coquitos" as we say in Cuba, they are a sweet, generally in the form of little balls, that we make with the coconut dough.

It is a traditional sweet that is very easy to prepare, they are usually white or more burnt depending on the type of sugar that we use.

As it is simple to prepare, we can make them at home, since very few ingredients are needed (specifically three).

In this case, since it will be an offering, añawe will say two basic and indispensable elements, faith and love.

Coconut Candy Recipe:

I leave you here a brief recipe for these coquitos for Eleggua, where we will need only 3 elements:

  • Two cups of water
  • 2 cups brown or white sugar
  • 2 cups of grated coconut

To make the coquitos in the pot you put the water and when it breaks the boil you add the sugar (white or dark) and the grated coconut.

You must stir constantly so that it does not stick to the pan, put it over medium heat so that it cooks much better.

When it is almost dry, that is, the water has already evaporated, then you turn it off.

Remember that it is important that the dough is quite dry to be able to shape the balls.

We let it rest for a while to avoid burning, and with care and the help of a spoon we begin to make the 3 balls, which you will deposit on a plate.

Let's offer this simple addimú to Elegua:

  1. After the sweet has cooled, we light a candle at the foot of Elegguá, also blow tobacco smoke and rum to the Orisha, always asking for his blessing.
  2. You put the plate with the coquito balls in front of Eleguá and playing his maraca (if you have one) you transmit what you offer him and what you need in your life.
  3. Above the coquitos for Eleggua You will add honey and then red precipitate, this powder that we usually find in religious and esoteric stores, we use it to precipitate your request, that is, to speed up our request.
  4. You can also put some kind of jam or jelly on top of the sweet that we have prepared, as Elegua loves desserts, he will be satisfied.
  5. After three days you must take this offering to the jungle, to the mountain, or to the four corners with three cents of right.

Can I do this ritual if I don't have the Orisha Elegua?

  • The answer is yes, in this life everything is achieved with love, faith and humility, Elegua is in each of our steps.

If you do not have Elegua received you can do this ritual behind the main door of the house or in a corner of the home, remember to avoid areas of the house such as bathrooms and habitation

In case your room is the only place where you can do this work, remember that we must respect it and in front of it, behave appropriately.

May the blessing of Elegguá visit you always, remember to be fair with your requests, do not forget to ask for health with humility and love, that the rest in this life comes only with its great power.

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