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If I am born again, I want to wear Obatalá's crown in the Osha

Obatala's crown in the Osha

The power of the works that are carried out at the foot of the Orishas It does not lie in the size of the offering or the cost, but in the faith and love with which they are given.

If you want to perform an effective ritual, give yourself completely to your guardian angel, know how to be faithful to him and tell him the truth, because you will be able to deceive him.añar to the world, but never engañawill go to the Orishas.

It is better to put the truth first despite how crude it may be, because only then do you receive its blessing and support.

Obatalá does not say what you want to hear, he tells the Truth

Humility and patience is the doctrine that Obatalá offers to his children, the Orisha owner of all heads, the greatest saint of this religion, connoisseur of the deepest thoughts and secrets of the human being.

Obatalá represents intelligence, he is the personification of why the head guides the body and not the other way around.

Baba is a wise Orisha, when advice is needed nobody offers words as accurate as him, many times the religious do not fully understand his answer, because this saint does not say what you want to hear, he tells the truth.

Sometimes you want to have something in life so much that you get to bet more than necessary for that utopia, without being aware that it is not really what is really needed and there are other null priorities before our eyes, but obvious before our Orishas, these being the ones who really know our needs.

Obatalá's mantle has always protected me from evil

I don't know if by chance of fate or by coincidental acts of faith, many critical moments in my life have been close to the date of their celebration, September 24, and it has been Obatalá's mantle that has freed me from all the mishaps of fate, managing to get out without complications from illnesses, hospitalizations and even surgical interventions.

Even without knowing that Obatalá would be my father, he already extended his protection to me, in my house saying Obatalá has always been an act worthy of respect because we all value the magnitude of the Orishas, ​​mainly of this elder saint.

That is why Baba is for me one of the greatest blessings that have come into my life and ifañaI am born again, I would like his blessings and teachings to reach me and to show off his crown again in the Osha.

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