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The Crown of the Orisha Obatalá and the secrets of the parrot feathers

Crown of Obatala

The Orisha Obatala, the major saint of the Yoruba Pantheon, possesses the virtue of intelligence and is the protector deity of dreams and thoughts.

This saint has multiple attributes, among which his crown, made with silver and parrot feathers, stands out in a peculiar way.

Some religious houses in Cuba affirm that Baba's crown is made up of only a cotton base which is vertically impregnated with parrot feathers.

The parrot is a sacred animal in the Yoruba Pantheon.

Parrot feathers

In the Yoruba land the parrot is a sacred animal, so much so that when a parrot dies the Osha recognizes that it must be made Ituto.

This is one of the favorite animals of the African deity, with its feathers the santero is directly linked to the white Orisha since they directly carry its essence.

With the parrot feathers numerous spells are performed, among these, those that are invoked in order to provide a head and seat to the person stand out.

Hence, it is common to observe some santeros who wear a parrot feather on their handkerchiefs or caps for a period of eight to sixteen days, as these numbers are the direct mark of the saint.   

Do you know the power of a parrot feather?

A parrot feather does the same function as a protective amulet even without having performed any enchantment on it, as it comes from a divine animal.

With just a small feather, witchcraft, the evil eye and envy are removed, so it is recommended to carry it hidden from the eyes of the curious in a pocket or inside a bag.

As it comes from an extremely ingenious and intelligent animal, it is recommended that students, when they are in exam periods, introduce a pen inside the book they are using in the study in order to make it more productive and easier.

This is able to attract good fortune to the home and fill the house with harmony.

When a religious has difficulty falling asleep, he should place a parrot feather inside his pillow and in this way he will guarantee a good rest free of nightmares and frights.

Another way to protect dreams is to build a dreamcatcher with parrot feathers, which should be hung over the head of the bed.

In the name of Obatalá are these rituals:

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