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Ogbe Wale was a King without a crown until he drove away vices and bad life

Ogbe Wale Crown

Ogbe Wale was a king who liked to possess treasures, riches and women

Although he had a lot, Ashe did not prosper his kingdom because he was always focused on matters of leisure and pleasure and did not pay true attention to productive work and the needs of his people.

This one had sometimes been the object of ridicule by the monarchs of other regions, all commented that his reign was a sham, for whoever had seen a king without a crown.

Pataki from Ogbe Wale where he acquires the Power with 5 stones in his crown

one mañana Ogbe Wale went out for a tour of his kingdom, meeting a beggar on the way, who offered him a stone and said, take this otá (stone) for you to make your crown and you will see how prosperity will come to your life.

The beggar was Ashikuelu who had disguised himself to test the acceptance of the king, an examination that this time he had passed by far.

The king continued on his way and ran into an old man, who was unknowingly Osain, this one gave him another stone and he said put this rock on your crown and you will see how luck will never stop blessing you.

Later on the trail I was waiting for him Orun, who disguised as a cripple offered him a third rock explaining to him that, if he placed it on his crown, he would drive away disease, enjoying good health until the end of his days.

On the way to his destination, the king again ran into another stranger, this time a man with a serious face, very well groomed, who handed him a fourth stone so that with this his mandate would be long and happy, being Odúa in this opportunity.

When Ogbe Wale returned to his palace there he was waiting for him Constitution who gave him the fifth stone for his crown.

Rock that would help him act wisely and make better decisions for the benefit of his people.

The Orisha advised the king that in addition to wearing the crown consecrated with the five stones, he should stay away from vices if he wanted to become a great monarch.

A new King is born, thanks to the blessing that the Orishas gave him

At the time when the other kings went to visit Ogbe Wale, he was wearing his crown made with the five otas gifted by the Orishas.

They were surprised to see how majestic it looked on his head, since that day no one in the town or in neighboring kingdoms could say that Ogbe Wale was a king without a crown.

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