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Ika Meyi: The man who obtained his crown following the word of Ifá

Crown Ika Meyi

When Ika Meyi came to the Yoruba land, he did not have a crown.

His youth was the reason that kept him away from the long-awaited tiara, so he had to start thinking of a variant to obtain it, since owning a crown was everything this man had wanted.

Pataki where meeting Orula and doing ebbó the objective is reached

Ika Meyi dejected went to visit Orumila the great fortune teller of Ifá to show you how to make your wish come true.

The Oluo advised him to make ebbó with a rat, a rooster and a tortoise, since this sacrifice would be of great benefit to him to achieve his objective.

After the ebbó was carried out, Ika Meyi was called by the king to help him resolve a difficult situation that afflicted the people.

The man agreed to help and thanks to this the problem was canceled.

Ika Meyi's action reached the ears of Constitution who decided to reward him so that his good attitude did not go unnoticed, sending him the crown that he had longed for so much.

accompaniedañaWearing the tiara, he also gave her luxurious clothing and an ebony cane, an instrument that would give her the glory she deserved to receive.

When Ika Meyi received the gifts he was very happy.

And looking at the crown in his hands, he felt great joy and thought that his duty was not to do anything that could make him lose the honor that he had just obtained from Olofin.

Then he put on all the clothes and left for the palace to thank everyone present.

The envy and hatred that Ika Meyi received vanished with the power of Orula

When he arrived at the palace, the king received him with much affection and admiration and seeing him so well dressed the rest of the Oluos felt jealous of him and began to murmur behind his back, using hurtful phrases full of lies, envy and hatred.

Despite the warm welcome he had received from the monarch, Ika Meyi had not finished feeling happy because the attitude of the Ifá priests towards him had been hostile.

At dusk Ika Meyi felt a great weight on her shoulders, her ears were ringing and she had a strange sense of anguish.

He went back to Orula's house, the oracle looked at him and told him that:

The only way that existed for him to live happily and without the lascivious glances of his enemies was to immolate a goat to Elegguá.

Ika Meyi did so and lived many years on the plane of the earth, honoring his crown and fulfilling the word of Osha-Ifá. 

Knowing more about the ebbó and its power in Osha-Ifá:

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