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The Cedar Cross ≫ Powerful element that acts against Evil

Cedar cross

Cedar is a tree enshrined within Yoruba PantheonThis was blessed by the Lukumis who performed their ceremonies under the shade of its leafy branches, revealing before said tree the best kept secrets of their ancestral ceremonies.

This tree belongs to Kawó Silé, Orisha Mayor and owner of the Batá drums, the great Shango.  

In the Mayombe Rule, it is often related to Siete Rayos, a protector and war-loving deity with whom Shango is syncretized.

The sacred tree that is not cursed

Cedar tree

Its holy wood cannot be burned, blasphemed or offended, it is believed that whoever dares to curse a cedar receives divine punishment from Olodumare.

This is precisely the wood that is used to make many of the ritual objects of the Orishas such as musical instruments, chests and work tools.

This tree is capable of curing many ills for which it has great devotion, in the same way it is famous for granting wishes, with the Cedar those wishes are discussed, which it helps to materialize.

In this sacred plant many spirits take refuge, those who make a pact with osain patron saint of nature, in order to receive the shelter of the cedar in exchange for the contribution of his services.

Where to place the Cedar Cross to ward off all evil?

In order that no evil can enter the home, a Cedar cross is hung behind the front door of the house, which is fastened with a red ribbon.

This sacred structure made with the consecrated wood prevents obsessive spirits and lack of light from breaking into the home, sowing discord.

A cross on the bed to find rest

Tradition states that a Cedar cross should be hung over the head of the bed in order to fall asleep and find the necessary rest to start the new day with the required strength.

This cross prevents sleep from being disturbed. This cross is placed in the same way in the crib of newborns, with this action it is avoided that they are affected by the the evil eye.

Calling the protective spirits with the cedar cross

It is common to find in the spiritual vault a cedar cross, this is placed there in order to establish a call to the protective spirits of the home.

The cedar provides tranquility and order, the cedar cross prevents the emergence of astral conflicts by providing each religious with their own astrality without the possibility of disturbances arising in the spiritual pictures of individuals developed under the light of the same candle.

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