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What is the most powerful hour for spiritual works according to the Sun?

What time are the rituals done

The rush does not lead to anythingSometimes by doing something fast in all fields we fail. I say this because many do works, baths, spoils, rituals, ceremonies and they always want two things: speed and results.

The positive results are obtained if we carry out the works with faith, will and love, but if you decide to do a quick ritual, it is better not to do it because it will not work, you will stumble and fall.

Many wonder if there are specific times to perform the rituals and just as spiritual works are carried out in accordance with the phase of the Moon, it is also recommended to take into account the Sun.

This will depend on the time of day when it comes out, the hour of its maximum splendor or when it is hidden, the powerful hours will be discovered in their phases.

Spiritual meaning of the phases of the Sun:

Throughout the day the sun offers us its luminosity that means the "masculine beginning" while the moon means the "feminine beginning" with continuous changes.

With the sunlight (Olorun in the yoruba religion) you can work spiritually depending on the state you are in at the time:

  • The one at dawn is a small child,
  • The one in the middleañana is like a youngster,
  • The one at noon is already the father,
  • The one at sunset is the wise father and
  • The setting of the sun is the grandfather.

So… What time are the Rituals done?

In the different states of the Sun different works are carried out and each one with a purpose. For example:

Sunrise sun:

Its energy is used for works that are related to new beginnings in love, jobs, transformations, purification baths, to obtain health and inner peace, tranquility.

half m sunañato:

For all growth and development works, such as when you want to expand at home or work.

The energy of the young Olorun at this time attracts peace and balance in the home, it also helps to improve development and matters that are related to sex and the more courage you need to do something is the appropriate time.

Noon sun:

Very useful for rituals related to justice, protection, health, love and studies, this light is also beneficial for charging amulets.

The noon sun is closely related to the full moon phase.

Sunset sun:

This energy from the sun at sunset is very good for those rituals that are about work jobs, interpersonal relationships, travel, new initiatives and all those projects that need lighting.

Sunset is that magical moment of the day due to the colors and the deep sensations that it awakens, in which the sunlight slowly begins to disappear.


The part of the day defined as "sunset" is the daily disappearance of the Sun below the horizon.

This sunset is good to use in rituals such as baths and offal to eliminate all negative and illnesses from our body, as well as to enliven powers as talismans.

The Sun, Olorun in the Yoruba Religion

Orisha Olorun

The moon (òsùpá) and the sun (Olorun) both fundamental to perform ceremonies, they depend on each other, in African legends it is said that the moon was given the power of Osha and the sun the power of Ifá.

In Yoruba religion the sun is very important and significant, it is always in contact with men.

To Olorun we offer the ñangareo, a sacred drink that carries a ceremony and very important to give knowledge to Olorun, Olofi and Olodumare that on earth an Iyawó (initiated in the Rule of Osha) is being consecrated and the Itá (reading of the destination).

Olorun is not received or settled, each mañana is greeted with raised arms and palms open towards him as reverence and respect.

Everything you ask with firmness and faith, the great star king will grant you, even when you see that the gray days are there, he is always present.

Some "Powerful Rituals" that you can perform:

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