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What are the 7 Archangels and the sacred Meaning they represent?

What are the 7 Archangels and their Meaning

God's messengers on Earth, protective beings who help us solve problems and overcome obstacles, each with a specific mission on the earthly plane.

The 7 archangels are beings of light, celestial representatives who are destined to take care of us and protect us and who are present in all religions, such as Christianity, Islamic religion, Judaism etc.

Each has its own method and powers, the same ones that they offer us to help us, so, depending on the characteristics of the problem, we can summon a certain Archangel to make our request.

Believers of various religions invoke the 7 archangels in the face of different difficulties, seeking your help and support in aspects such as:

  • Health,
  • love,
  • material prosperity,
  • peace of mind etc.,

Well, each of these spiritual figures can support us to overcome problems and finally reach stability.

«Archangel» meaning of the term

Archangel is a high rank of an angel. The archangels constitute one of the seven choirs of the angelic hierarchy, in which the archangels are the penultimate, before the angels themselves.

The word archangel appears in the New Testament written in this language, the ancient Greek prefix αρχ- (arc-), or in another form of the prefix άρχω (arch) and means“Who governs, who directs, who commands, who leads” + άγγελος (angels) which means “messenger”.

For this reason it is always said that the archangels are the ones who command the heavenly armies in the fight against the demons.

Who are the 7 archangels?

In the Bible, only Michael is called the Archangel, while Gabriel is a messenger angel and Raphael is only mentioned in the Book of Tobias.

However, the 7 archangels are recognized in various regions, as we explained previously.

Today there is still no agreement on how many archangels really are, even depending on the different religions, their names vary.

But the fact is that trust in these beings of light is deeply rooted in a large part of the world's inhabitants, which is why today they are still strongly invoked to overcome difficulties.

These are the names of the 7 Archangels and their powers:

  1. Miguel, the head of the heavenly army
  2. Gabriel, the heavenly messenger
  3. Rafael, the protector of travelers, health and courtship
  4. Uriel, the manager of the lands and temples of God
  5. Ragouel, the one who fulfills justice, is the angel of fairness and harmony
  6. sariel, the keeper of the spirits of men who sin.
  7. remiel, the one who cares for the resurrected.

As we can see, each archangel has specific powers always destined to do good and support people. 

In the Bible, it is indicated that these seven archangels exist, although the name of only three is mentioned: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

The names of the other four archangels do not appear in the Bible, but some descriptions of these are found in the apocryphal texts, so they also pray to him and invoke his help.

The three archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

The three archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

However, let us be clear that the Catholic Church recognizes only the three named archangels that are found in the Bible.

  • A Miguel, head of the "armies of Yahweh", is represented with armor, sword and with the balance of the Last Judgment
  • Gabriel, as a heavenly messenger, announces to the Virgin Mary the conception of Christ, and
  • Rafael, protector of travelers, health and courtship, he is recognized for his mission on Tobias' journey.

The 7 Archangels, their characteristics and prayers:

Let's see now, some peculiarities about each Archangel:

1. Archangel Michael, the chief of armies

Archangel Michael

San Miguel Arcangel for the Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions, he is the chief of the armies of God, protector of the Church and the first of the seven archangels.

The one in charge of frustrating Lucifer or Satan, and therefore his representations always wear the armor of a Roman general, threatening a demon or dragon with a spear or sword.

Also the Archangel Michael was one of the three angels who announced the birth of Isaac (along with the archangels Gabriel and Raphael) and protected the people of Israel during their march through the desert.

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel for protection against all evil

  • It is prayed to him with a colored candle: blue.

Miguel represents power, strength and faith, and works to maintain order and balance.

And that is why it is fundamentally invoked to ask for protection and protection. It is said that many call him when they are about to start a trip or a transfer.

He is requested as follows:

«Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in the fight.

Be our protection against the wickedness and wiles of the devil.

May God manifest his power over him, that is our humble supplication;

and you, Prince of the Heavenly Militia, with the strength that God has conferred on you,

cast Satan and other evil spirits to hell

who roam the world for the perdition of souls.


2. Archangel Gabriel, the messenger of God

Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel means "strength of God"» and is the messenger sent by God to certain people. It is believed that Gabriel is not prayed to, because only God can answer prayers and He is the one who sends Gabriel.

Many believe in the legend that makes Gabriel sound a trumpet to indicate the return of the Lord to Earth.

However, although the Bible mentions a trumpet blowing before the resurrection of the dead, it is not specified that Gabriel is the trumpeter.

Where these representations do appear is in Byzantine art, in various works known as Gabriel's Horn.

The Archangel Gabriel is the patron of telecommunications and communication workers, of postmen and postal employees, and of ambassadors and diplomats.

It is associated with purity and can be asked for communication skills and clarity to convey specific messages.

Prayer to the archangel Saint Gabriel for love

  • A colored candle is put on it: white.

Although Catholics and Christians do not pray to him directly, many believers implore his help as follows:

Archangel Gabriel, you who possess the power of God, surround everything with your divine love, pour out your glory on the earth and in everything that is in it.

May the Divine light illuminate my heart, removing all sadness and desolation, filling it with pure divine love.


3. Archangel Raphael, the healer

Archangel Raphael

Raphael is the archangel responsible for healings in most Abrahamic religions, but in Christianity, it is generally associated with an unnamed angel from the Gospel of John, who maintains the healing waters of the Bethesda Pool.

Raphael is one of the three pilgrim patrons and is said to be one of the angels who appeared to Abraham in the oak of Mamre, in the Hebron region.

"Miguel walked in the middle, with Gabriel on his right and Rafael on his left."

It is also said that Raphael was sent by Yahweh to accompanyañara Tobias, son of Tobit, on a long and dangerous journey to get him a godly wife.

Rafael is also considered one of the angels who participated in the restoration of the gospel.

Powerful prayer of healing to Saint Raphael the Archangel

  • It is prayed to him with a colored candle: green.

Raphael is the Archangel of health and physical and spiritual healing. His action may be asked to heal diseases and problems, calm great anguish and protect health in general.

To him, it is prayed as follows:

I invoke you Archangel Raphael because I need your powerful energy and your healing;

help me to recognize what will free me from my worries and negative thoughts,

be my light on the path to the love of divinity.


4. Archangel Uriel, the transforming angel

Uriel is one of the prince regents of the Seraphim and the Cherubim. He is one of the ruling angels of the Sun and the angel of salvation. Uriel is the angel of light, light of the stars.

Uriel was considered an angel of poetry and was further credited with having been the angel who fought with Jacob at Peniel.

Likewise, in the Book of Adam and Eve, Uriel is identified as the cherub who stands by the gates of Eden with a fiery sword to prevent human access to the tree of life.

It is the transforming angel, the one who gives strength in the face of complications.

We invoke it to ask for prosperity, abundance and economic tranquility. It also assists us with labor difficulties.

Prayer to the Archangel Saint Uriel for protection

  • It is prayed with a colored candle: yellow for requests for prosperity and red for those related to work life.

Thus we pray to him:

Glorious Archangel Saint Uriel, intercede for me, and help me to be free from all danger and adversity;

wrap me in your red color and help me to be filled with blessings of strength, courage, courage and endurance

My protector, grant me the grace I ask of you (ask what you want).


5. Archangel Raguel, the vigilante

Raguel means “friend of God” or “desire of God.”» and is not mentioned in the canonical writings of the Bible, but his name is listed in the pseudepigraphic Book of Enoch as one of the seven archangels, specifically the one who showed Enoch the fire that guides the stars of the sky.

He is identified with the angel of the fifth seal, the one who blows the trumpet to open the abyss, mentioned in the prophecy of Revelation 9:1, called "Abaddon" in Hebrew.

Raguel is referred to as the archangel "in charge of justice, impartiality and harmony."

He is the one who observes all the angels and archangels to make sure they are working properly and publishes the punishment for those who have transgressed God's rules.

It is said that, in the final judgment, Raguel executes the sentences against the wicked.

He is the Archangel of intelligence, wisdom and enlightenment and we invoke him in our search for inspiration and concentration.

Many pray to him during exam periods or at times when an important decision has to be made.

Powerful prayer to the archangel Raguel

  • It is prayed to him with a colored candle: orange.

We pray to him this way:

Now I invoke the archangel Raguel, my faithful and only advisor, to be on my side and pour his golden light onto my crown and my body.

I ask you for wisdom and truth to help me understand, grow and learn about my Higher Self.

Give me understanding so that I can correctly resolve conflicts and everything that I require for my work and study.


6. Archangel Sariel, the angel of joy

Sariel is one of the archangels for the traditions of Judaism and Islam.

And it is said that it is the angel "in charge of the spirits of men who sin".

He is considered one of the holy angels who watch over, see the injustice committed on earth and bring the cause of humans before God.

He is briefly mentioned in Adam and Eve's Conflict with Satan as guiding Adam and Eve from the top of a high mountain.aña to the Cave of Treasures.

Archangel Sariel is the angel of joy, freedom, and diplomacy, and it is said that he can be invoked in an attempt to turn the negative into the positive.

It can help us to get out of problems and difficult situations in life, it also gives us strength so that we can forgive and move forward in life.

A prayer with a special request to the angel Sariel

  • It is prayed with a candle of color: violet.

Thus we pray to him:

Powerful presence, apply your crystalline violet flame to me and eliminate all influences contrary to peace and well-being,

wrap me in your channel of light and energy like a powerful wall against which all destructive, negative and non-beneficial forces that come against me collide


7. Remiel, the Archangel of love

Remiel is one of the seven archangels listed in the Book of Enoch 20:18, and is said to be the "keeper of the resurrected." It is said that he is the one who answers how long the righteous must wait for his reward.

He is the one who deciphers the meaning of the history of sin and redemption and manifests himself as the victor over Sennacherib.

As the meaning of Remiel, the most popular is "thunder of God", but many have it as "love of God" or "mercy of God".

For this meaning, he is considered the Archangel of love.

It represents union, comfort and pure bonds and helps to find true love, as well as to develop understanding, patience, everything necessary for relationships to succeed.

The Archangel Remiel is invoked to ask for a love, stimulate relationships with friends and colleagues, and protect against envy.

To obtain his protection and love is this prayer to Archangel Sariel

  • It is prayed with a candle of color: pink.

Thus we pray to him:

Beloved archangel Remiel, kindle your flame of adoration through my feelings so that divine love expands in me,

Until it becomes contagious to all the life that I contact.

Keep me sealed in a pillar of pink flame of love, adoration, comfort, and perfection.


Archangels in Islam

It is curious that archangels are also venerated in the Islamic religion, although for the Muslims, the archangels are not only heads of the angels, but they are the heads of the "departments" or those in charge of special missions that Allah has entrusted to them.

And they do not consider only seven, but ten archangels whose names are:

  1. Mikhail or Mikhal (Arabic: ميخائيل): archangel in charge of blessings.
  2. Izrail or Azrael (in Arabic: عزرائيل): archangel of death.
  3. Israfil (Arabic: اسرافيل): in charge of announcing the Day of Judgment
  4. Jibril (Arabic: جبريل)
  5. Munqar (Arabic: منكر): archangel in charge of the judgment of souls.
  6. Naqir (Arabic: نكير): archangel in charge of the judgment of souls.
  7. raqib
  8. atid
  9. Maalik (Arabic: مالك): guardian of Hell and
  10. Ridhwan (Arabic: رضوان): Guardian of Paradise.

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