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Do you know what the Seven Deadly Sins are and what they mean?

What are the deadly sins and their meaning

It is recognized under the term of seven deadly sins to the classification given by the doctrines collected in the Bible of the vices mentioned in the teachings of Christianity, these are:

  1. the arrogance,
  2. gluttony,
  3. lust,
  4. laziness,
  5. the wrath,
  6. envy and
  7. greed.

It should be noted that the term capital does not refer only to the magnitude of sin but to the fact that one can only give rise to many other sins, acting as a kind of trigger, significantly affecting man.

What do the 7 deadly sins mean?


Repeated and excessive thoughts and behavior of a sexual nature or uncontrollable sexual desire are known as Lust, this being one of the seven deadly sins.

Adultery and rape fall into this category because they are impure acts and unworthy of human trust.


The term Laziness refers to the inability to accept and take care of basic needs autonomously.

Therefore, the denial of contributing actions to the welfare of others shows special interest under this concept.

This sin is not only serious because of its repercussion on one's being, but also because laziness is a way of distancing oneself from God.


The excessive consumption of food and drink is known as gluttony, in the same way that any form of exuberance is known as the abuse of substances and narcotics or the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

This is one of the most dangerous sins that exists because it can be incompatible with life.

The wrath:

Anger is an uncontrolled feeling, of excessive hatred and anger where a denial of the truth occurs in a rampant way.

event that was accompaniedaña by fury and the desire for revenge, wishing dañara others.

This sin also includes hatred and intolerance towards fellow men present and absent for various reasons or for no reason, some reaching discrimination.

The envy:

The insatiable and harmful desire to possess what others have, has been described in the Old Testament as envy, being closely linked to:

  • Greed,
  • the lie and
  • Hypocrisy.

Emphasizing that to obtain what is envied, even if it is unattainable, the envious do not skimp on causing harm to others.


This is a sin of excess, the one that insatiably contemplates the acquisition of wealth.

It can be related to acts as vile as disloyalty, betrayal and lies where only personal benefit is contemplated.

The arrogance:

Pride is considered the original sin, since what is defined as a desire superior to others, is capable of triggering the appearance of the rest of the capital sins.

Associated with this is the inability to recognize the merits of others or admit one's own faults.

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