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What are the Yoruba Oracles? 3 Divination systems

Yoruba oracles

Divination is one of the essential precepts of the yoruba religion o Rule of Ocha and Ifá.

Through the divinatory system and communication with the deities and Eggunes, the paths are opened for the devotees, good and evil are taught, and the best actions are predicted to lead a peaceful existence, protected by spirits and Orishas.

Yoruba oracles

The term "oracle" in our religion refers to the instrument or means of interpretation through which the consultation is made and the response is received from our deities. It is the religious bond that is established to achieve spiritual communication.

For the Rule of Osha-Ifá there are several Oracles:

OracleInterpretation instrument:
Ifá oracleThe ékuele or opele and the Ifá board with its ikines
Oracle of the DiloggúnThe snails or cowries (16 pieces in total)
Oracle of Obi or BiaguéThe coconut (four pieces or chunks of coconut)

Ifá oracle:

El Yoruba Oracle Ifa It implies philosophical and liturgical knowledge, and its Oracle is its divination system, its great religious value contains an ancestral wisdom because it is governed by very ancient teachings.

This divinatory system corresponds to the cultural heritage of the Yoruba people and since 2008 the Oracle of Ifá is recognized as part of UNESCO.

Symbology and history:

orula or Orúnmila, is the Orisha who knows the secrets of divination, and is capable of influencing the destiny of people.

And the patakies (stories) indicate that Orula spread the art of divination in the rituals of religion and taught his disciples, how to interpret the Yoruba oracle of Ifá.

This Oracle It is an ancient system of divination and the most complex of all the oracles that are known, since it incorporates the symbolism of numerous religions.

It can be consulted by anyone, even if their beliefs are linked to another religion, but it will only be interpreted by a babalawo.

It is a fundamental pillar within the Yoruba religion, since, through it, the santeros or babalawos communicate with the Orishas and get to know future issues in our lives.

Oracle of Diloggún:

El Oracle Yoruba of the Diloggún, for its part, establishes communication with the deities of the Yoruba Pantheon, with the Orishas and with the Egunnes, who will provide support to face difficult situations.

In this system through the snail (ibbo) all the Orishas speak.

Within the religion these snails are sacred, an instrument that allows the orishas to communicate and be present on the earthly plane, bringing advice, stories (stream) and deep reflections full of wisdom for the person being consulted.

Oracle of Biagué:

El Oracle Yoruba of Obi, Biagué or Aditoto, popularly known as "The oracle of the coconut" invokes the Orishas or the ancestors to obtain their advice.

Four pieces of coconut are used (obbinus) that, by means of 5 positions, depending on how the coconuts fall, answers are obtained from the Orishas.

Through this instrument a fluid conversation is established between the deities and the religious.

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