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Ceremonial Power of the Four Corners in the Rule of Osha

Four corners Eleguá

Yoruba religion It harbors in its practices various mysteries, many of which have remained secret to this day.

The essence of this sacred religion is captured in the interpretation of each of the patakies that the Orishas star, a source of knowledge through which the religious nourish themselves to gain experiences and prevent the misfortunes of destiny.

Why go to the Four Corners?

The four corners are a meeting point where all the practitioners of this religious trend have come at some time in search of Eshu, in order for this Orisha to free them from multiple osogbos (negative energies) and tragedies.

In them lies a common tributary of multiple energies and sciences which act as a dumbbell for the benefit or harm of men.

In these it is possible to obtain everything good, but in the same way an endless number of pernicious influences since this is a favorable place for many practitioners to deposit ceremonial works and cleaning works, favoring in this place the emergence of an internal and invisible struggle between the forces of evil and good.

The astral meaning of the number four

Four is a sacred number in the Yoruba Pantheon as it symbolizes stability, the four legs that the table in the saint's room and the spiritual vault need to stay upright.

In this number the four cardinal points are represented: North, South, East and West, which govern the ways of man and determine his course whether they are on land or at sea.

Elegúa: The Owner of the Four Corners

The four corners are chosen as the stage to perform rituals because they represent the union of all the paths, which are opened for the human being to travel freely.

elegua It is the Orisha who owns this place, being in charge of opening or closing them depending on the merit of the person who attends them.

When the major and minor santeros work in the four corners, they do so with the permission of this deity, always having the precept of leaving one open so that the iré or unfolding can enter.

The four corners are prepared in order to receive blessings, but also with the intention of getting rid of hexes, especially those that are deposited at the door of the house.

It should be noted its importance in Santeria, because if these are not prepared in advance by the godmother, the saint cannot be performed, a ceremony of consecration of the Guardian Angel with which the Iyaboses in the Rule of Osha (Santeria).

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