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The Cult of Mother Nature in the Yoruba Religion

Cult of nature

Mother Earth It is a deity that has been venerated throughout the history of humanity, it is considered as an immortal entity that crosses time and space.

Various religions have attributed numerous names and worship cults to it, the truth is that its veneration has been present in many generations of humans, among their requests for this deity they once appeared to be able to have fortune in crops and fertile lands.

The attribution of the maternal aspect in this supernatural entity is given by the protective instinct, which is set by man as a quality derived from filial affection, the same perception that places this mother as a representative figure of security and source in charge of providing health, food and blessings.

In the narrow perception that exists between the human and the supernatural, the devotee represented her as a woman who discovered herself before the crowd represented with a white robe.

At its appearance natural phenomena followed one another, among these we can mention the arrival of the rains that canceled the droughts that were hitting the villages.

Yoruba worship of nature

Mother nature is the entity that personifies everything that habita on the earthly plane Yoruba Pantheon.

It is in charge of the protection and maintenance of the life cycle and the food chain, thus establishing balance on earth. 

"Feed the earth" in Osha's Rule:

In the Yoruba temple, this entity is honored through sacrifices and offerings that are placed inside the ground, a ceremony that must be preceded by the elders of the religion known under the name of feed the earth.

The religious performs this ritual in gratitude to the iré obtained and as a protective shield against the Osogbos.

It is said that it is not appropriate to carry out this ceremony if the death of a relative is recent, in the same way that it is not carried out if there is someone in the house with a critical health situation, because it is believed that when this ritual is performed These conditions can bring misfortune for the family.

Offerings to the universal mother:

Mother nature is also revered through ministries, vegetables, fruits and flowers.

This entity must be respected for being a creator of life and for its millenary experience. This incarnation is asked for the blessing and one talks with her to pray for a good that one wishes to obtain.

You do not need a specific place to worship or search for it, since it is an energy that is free flowing everywhere.

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