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The cult of Spirits in the Rule of Santeria ► Prayers to the Eggun

Spirit worship

Death is one of the elements that most define Cuban folklore.

In the history of the religions and mysticism that prevail in the roots of this island, in myths and legends, popular tales, sayings, in music, literature, plastic arts, dance, cinema, theater and poetry , death is also present as part of life and as an element that deserves respect and devotion.

Fundamentally in the Yoruba religion or Lucumí religion, an important place is given to worship and respect for the dead.

Cult of Death and Spirits in the Yoruba Religion:

Worship of eggun and spirits

We know, for example, that Ikú is the sacred representation of death and eggun It is the name given to the deceased ancestors.

The cult of Eggún, which is the spirit of the deceased that Ikú has taken, is of utmost importance in the ritual ceremonies of the Santeria Rule.

The spirits are an integral part of the liturgical processes of Santeria, and death, therefore, has an important presence in the foundations of this religion.

¡Respect for the ancestors in the Rule of Osha-Ifá!

And in the syncretism that remains in Cuba that unites the Catholic religion with African and spiritualist religious expressions, it also makes the cult of spirits predominate and pray for the souls of the deceased.

In fact, the Yoruba religion honors its dead before the Orishas, ​​it cares for all the Eggun that are known, such as the ancestors who lived practicing the religion.

For example, those santeros, elders, godfathers and godmothers, Babalawos who during their life grew spiritually and carried religion in their life, after death they are equally respected by the religious.

For the Yorubas before carrying out any activity or work related to the saints, they use the phrase "Iko Lobi Osha", meaning "the dead give birth to the saint", as a symbol of respect, which implies that the dead must be cared for first before working with another deity.

Invocation and prayers dedicated to the Eggun:

Cult of the Eggun

Also within the Yoruba culture there are different prayers that allow calling spiritualities, in the dialect of this African religion.

To light a candle (Itana) and invoke Eggun:

Itana Eggun Lelekun, Itana Eggun Lelekun

Baba Olofin Eggun Lelekun, Itana Eggun Lelekun

Olodumare Eggun Lelekun, Itana Eggun Lelekun

Baba Mi Eggun Lelekun, Itana Eggun Lelekun.

I pray to put the Itana to Eggun:

Itana Lau Lau, Eggun Fumi Lau Lau

Itana Lau Lau, Eggun Fumi Lau Lau

Itana Lau Lau

Prayer for the Eggun:

Maferefun Iya Eggun Wa

Maferefun Baba Eggun wa

Maferefun Bogbo Eggun Ara Aiye

Agwa Eggun Lelekun

Awan banle Ara Orun, Ara Onu

le Lawo lufore

Emi Se Banse Me

Ah ashe

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