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Do you know the sacred places of Worship in the Yoruba Religion?

Yoruba cult

Since ancient times, the religious practices of the Yoruba Pantheon were carried out in the places where the first African civilizations settled on the island.

These places were initially related to the slavery practices that prevailed during the colonial period in Cuba, citing the theological action in the coffee and sugar mills and little more than some residences located in the city.

As slavery grew and the methods of repression became crude and hostile, the desire for freedom began to grow, which is why escapes to the only refuge known to the slave were encouraged, the mountain, a place where a short time later he was born. the Palenque.

Sites where religious practices of the Yoruba Pantheon take place

Yoruba worship in the cemetery

El Palenque, the first place where the African worshiped the Orishas in freedom.

El Palenque was the ideal place for Yoruba practices to take hold, growing notably among the religious, converging in the same places various types of religions such as the Sacred Rule of Ifá, Santeria and Palo Mayombe, to name a few of these.

It was precisely in Palenque where the tradition of the saint's room was born on the island, developing then a new place to carry out a part of the religious ceremonies, since the other part continued to develop in the open air.

The Cemetery and its importance in the Yoruba Religion.

The cemetery is another of the places of worship for religious because it is here the scene where family and friends say their last goodbye to their loved ones, just after performing the pertinent rites so that their soul travels to Ara Orum, Yoruba name with which the land of the dead is known.

The cemetery gate is guarded by Oyá, here rituals are performed under the name of the African deity for what is considered a sacred place in the Rule of Osha.

The sacred sites where the religious worshiped the Yoruba saints.

The church door It is a controversial site to talk about as an abrupt clash of religions occurs on this site, which has generated multiple controversies over time.

The union of the four corners It is the ideal setting for the delivery of ebbós to the Orisha ELEGUÁ.While the hill It is the pertinent place to consecrate covenants under the name of Obatala y the railroad lines they keep special devotion towards Oggun the holy owner of iron.

The river bank It is the sanctuary par excellence of Oshun the deity of honey bees while his sister Yemaya governs the sea and its surroundings.

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