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Curiosities about the Ouija Board Is it good or bad luck? What you should know

Curiosities of the Ouija

Halloween is one of the dates in which the spiritual and earthly planes merge, allowing the union of spirits and living beings for a certain period of time.

It is precisely on this occasion that man uses mechanisms to establish better communication with the ghosts, on this holiday the Ouija board takes on special value. 

The origin of the name with which the most famous board in the world was baptized has gone down in history in anonymity.

The truth is that this paranormal instrument that was taken as a game is proportionally feared as longed for by humanity, since it offers the possibility for man to establish a link with the afterlife.

Fact that has not reached one hundred percent the approval of all who know of its existence.

Some ways to use the Güija

The Ouija Board which is made up of a complete alphabet, numbers and small phrases must be used by two individuals simultaneously.

There are very experienced people who prefer to handle it alone, although this requires a lot of practice time.

Some like to light a candle and place a glass of water next to it before starting the consultation, while others find it unnecessary.

Halloween night favors spiritual communication

The Ouija began to become popular in the mid-nineteenth century when the afterlife was causing great rage among the populace.

This practice enjoys greater strength on special days such as Halloween, death anniversaries or deceased birthdays, where there is a greater influx of spiritual energy.

Using the talking table in dimly lit places:

  • Promotes adrenaline and suggestion in humans,
  • at the same time that it fosters a more peaceful environment to arrange a more accurate communication with the spirits.

Does the Ouija bring good or bad fortune?

The use of the Ouija has been cataloged as an act that brings misfortune to those who use it, because as a result of the use of the board, certain events have been unleashed such as:

  • Loss of jobs,
  • love breaks and
  • assaults, to name a few examples.

While others claim to have obtained through the board lottery numbers and reliable evidence of the entities with which they have communicated.

It should be noted that it is precisely this event that brings fortune or not, since not all beings who come to communicate have good intentions.

Do not leave the board without ending the communication

Once the consultation begins, the participants must be in contact with the board, being forbidden to leave it until the communication has been completed, as this would leave the session open as an energy portal that during the night of October 31 would attract towards housing all kinds of appearances.

We share some powerful rituals that bring us well-being:

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