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4 Curiosities and rituals about Ogunda Biode: Eleguá will help you win

Curiosities Ogunda Biode

Ogunda Biode offers his help to others As far as he can, he does not make extraordinary sacrifices for humanity, because in the end ingratitude will be the payment he will receive for his good deeds.

Don't feel sorry for anyone, because most of the time people reap what they sow.

Do not question Olofin's designs because the supreme Orisha knows the actions and thoughts of each of his children.

In this sign, after the person helps the needy, he is unable to return the favor.

1. Don't curse your luck because it could turn dire

In this letter to ward off the obsessive spirits, a doll made with majagua is placed at the foot of Oshun.

  • Do everything on your part so that harmony reigns in your home,
  • avoid unnecessary fights with your spouse and
  • Learn to be happy with what you have.

Do not curse your luck because it could turn truly disastrous in an irremediable way.

2. When you get angry you become ruthless

Avoid the mixture of religions and the abuses concerning the ceremonies related to the Osha-Ifá.

You must be careful in life because the greatest number of damages they wish to do to you will be through sorcery.

Take care of your belongings, when you get angry you become implacable and come to hurt with your words and carry out actions that you may later regret.

3. Elegguá is a fundamental pillar in the life of Ogunda Biode

Ogunda Biode marks the consecration of a humidor for religious purposes.

Rituals with Eleguá:

  1. To attract luck and open the paths, they are placed on the Orisha ELEGUÁ. three cigars chalked with red and black thread.
  2. When the person is in poor health, a bouquet of green tobacco leaves is offered to Eshu and he is prayed for in order to obtain health and stability.

Elegguá is a fundamental pillar in the life of Ogunda Biode, lean on this deity to overcome the difficulties that may arise in your destiny.

4. Ogunda Biode must reinforce Oggun and receive the snail from this saint

  • Place a mariwo at the door of your house to stop the entry of witchcraft and disturbances.

Ogunda Biode must reinforce Oggun and receive the snail from this saint so that the Orisha who owns the iron has a conversation with the religious, inside Oggun's cauldron lives an iron doll dressed in armor and a small Orula board.

Refresh this Orisha by offering him:

  • Melon,
  • coconut,
  • corojo butter and
  • two candles

We share other Oddun of Ifá and its caveats:

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