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Curiosities and rituals of Oyekun Meyi: Evolution at the foot of Eggun and the Osha

Curiosities Oyekun Meyi

What secrets are born in the Ifá Oyekun Meyi?

  • Oyekun Meyi brought the golden secret to earth.
  • By this letter a person becomes long-lived as long as he is obedient.
  • The cult towards the ancestral spirits and the secret of Odúa the foreman of the dead is born.
  • Wood is the most famous natural resource in this sign.
  • Orunmila confesses to the world the mystery of why crocodile leather is impenetrable, in this odun Orula is offered a piece of alligator skin.

Offerings and ritual bath to bring evolution:

1. To obtain health and stability, fruits are offered to the Orishas.:

The fruits appear in this Ifá, at the same time as why the bees suck the flowers to make honey.

  • The Orishas are offered a fruit basket that after seven days is taken to the sea. 

2. Overcome obstacles with the Eggunes:

You should avoid eating pork, especially during the night, the virtue by which you will get rid of all evil is found in offering roast pork to your spiritual guide in times of adversity along with a complete service to Eggun (spirits). 

3. Cleaning with roses:

  • The quintessential bathroom of Oyekun Meyi is with rose water.
  • For your ebbo to be effective, you must have a French rose stem.

In your house you can not miss roses, if possible plant them in your garden.

4. In this Ifá, 9 fried eggs are placed in Eggun's service.

En Oyekun Meyi, place Eggun (spirits) in service:

  • 9 fried eggs with corojo butter, honey and nine guinea peppers.

Some curiosities about Oyekun Meyi

  • Color: To achieve good luck seen in light green.
  • The metal with which you identify is lead.
  • Day to do rituals: Carry out your works with eggun and consecrations on Saturdays, the day of the week that is blessed for you.
  • The planet ruling your cosmic astrality is Saturn.
  • In this letter the atemoleta was born.
  • Orumila in this letter revealed the secret of Orun to the Ifa priests.

8 Warnings for the religious:

  1. Do not keep in your ilé (house):
  • Dogs,
  • cats,
  • wild animals,
  • or carrion birds.
  1. Avoid disputes, especially public fights, because you can get hurt.
  2. You must respect the color red and you must avoid dressing the same as anyone else.
  3. Many of the Eggunes who accompanied youañan have to do with the two waters Oshun and Yemayá.
  4. This is an Ifá of long life for the religious, but to achieve a long existence he must do ebo.
  5. You cannot visit the mountain alone, seek the company of someone when you have to.
  6. In this sign the trees made ebbo so that they would not be cut down and you must do the same so that your enemies do not defeat you.
  7. You were born to be a leader.

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