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The female ghost of Castillo de Jagua: The legend of the Blue Lady

Blue Lady

An unknown bird with flaming feathers circled the Jagua fortress every night.

These loiterings occurred frequently according to the castle guards and it is that the event began to gain importance with the completion of the construction of the fortress.

At night, a purple trail cast shadows on the cobblestones of the building.

The bird mutated taking the form of a lady who, dressed in blue, broke into silence, sowing terror among the officers. 

The Spectrum Story of the Blue Lady

The specter did not need clearance to enter the habitations of the enclosure, since his condition as a ghost allowed him to wander with free will.

Her face hidden behind a veil and covered with precious gems, the blue lady carried out her will under the jagua roof.

Those who had the opportunity to run into her described her as a kind of enchanted blackberry, all the more reason to fear her, since they considered that by revealing the anonymity of her face they would be captivated by her charms.

Why didn't any soldier want to face the ghost?

None of the soldiers guarding the fortress dared to confront the enchanted bird.

They lived fearful at nightfall, because when the moon reigned the woman would arrive and her intervention would begin again.  

The soldiers continually refused to take their night shifts for fear of running into the apparition.

One of the newly arrived recruits challenged his companions to show them that the ghost existed only in his imagination and decided to take as many guards as he could.

The last time the Blue Lady was seen

One night while he was replacing the sentry, he felt observed, out of nowhere and at his back the figure of the blue lady from the castle of Jagua was revealed almost like a virgin. 

The man held his breath for a few seconds and decided to test his courage by facing the specter.

What happened that night is still a mystery to this day, sources close to the sentry revealed that the man was able to find peace while he was admitted to a mental health center.

Site where some nights he woke up scared because he claimed that the blue lady visited him in his dreams.

After the tragic event of the fortress belonging to the bay of Jagua, surveillance was doubled.

The men who have served in the compound claim to have heard the cawing of the bird approaching from the water, but they believe that the misfortune of the former guardian will not be repeated, since no one has come face to face with the enchanted creature.

  • La Fortaleza, Castillo de Jagua or Castillo de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles de Jagua is a fortress located at the entrance to the Bay of Cienfuegos, Cuban province.

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