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Feeding the earth grada Sacred ceremony in the Rule of Osha

Feed the earth

Feeding the land is a phrase that holds great importance, respect and significance for the devotees of the Rule of the Ocha (Santeria)Although it is a very familiar ceremony, in which even people who do not practice the Yoruba religion can be present.

Many times we hear that you have to Feeding the land at the beginning of the year, in homage to Orishako, owner of crops and grantor of prosperity and abundance. In these ceremonies we ask for his blessing so that we never lack sustenance.

In addition, the babalawos indicate that the blessing of the earth is always necessary, because at the end of the path of life, our bodies rest there, and honoring it helps us to drive away Ikú, death.

When the earth is fed we feed the Mother EarthShe will return the favor by granting us our sustenance and also a lot of health, because when we dig a hole in the earth and cover it again, it is a sign that we will not die before our time.

How is the Ceremony to Feed the Earth performed?

To feed the land, the santeros prepare all the food that will be offered. You must go to a vacant lot and dig a hole in the ground large enough to fit everything that is going to be delivered.

This is a ceremony that requires a lot of faith and the food is delivered from the hearts of the devotees, honoring the land that gave us birth and that will welcome us at the end of our lives.

It is done in a quiet place where the environment is natural, since as the name says, it is going to feed the earth.

The food or offering will feed the earth and that is why it is considered part of an astral cleansing. Food and elements produced by Mother Nature are used for this, such as:

  • Grain
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Carne
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Cascarilla
  • Honey
  • Cocoa

These offerings are placed in various containers. Some are placed on white earthenware or clay plates and even paper containers and are graded by genre to offer, say fruits followed by grains and so on.

Meanwhile, the plates with grains, vegetables and fruits are placed interspersed on the left and right side, in front are placed the gadgets that carry meat, fish, eggs, honey and brandy.

Thanks to spirits, Orishas and Mother Earth

When the offerings are organized, one proceeds to moyugbar, especially Orishaoko. And after they are accepted, each person in the ceremony cleanses themselves with the elements that each plate contains, letting the earth carry away the bad, negative energies and ailments.

That is why it is said that it is almost mandatory to carry out this ceremony at the beginning of the year, to eliminate all negative traces of the previous year.

These cleansing ceremonies are usually conducted by the babalawos. They are the ones who guide the devotees to clean themselves completely and then walk until they stand in front of the hole in the ground.

There the offerings that were used in the cleaning are placed and then one goes back without turning his back to the hole.

Finally, the hole in the earth is covered, which many say represents the grave into which we throw everything bad that can afflict us through cleaning and purification. When we close it, we ask the spirits, the Orishas and Mother Earth for love, health, happiness and prosperity.

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