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Curious facts about Ogunda Meyi: Odun of justice and intelligence

Ogunda Meji Facts

Iron is the metal with which Ogunda Meyi is identified, the sign of Ifá where she reigns Oggun, the Orisha owner of work and rust.

In this letter of Ifá the religious:

  • is impulsive,
  • does not measure the consequences of his actions and
  • does not tolerate disrespect.

Baba Ogunda Meyi is a masculine sign par excellence, where the majority of men governed by this odun have the path of Ifá.

Oke advises the religious to use tolerance and intelligence to win

Oke speaks in this sign, giving man the advice to be a little more tolerant with those around him, because by using intelligence over force, many more doors are opened for the human being than he imagined.

In this sign impositions lead the individual to failure.

If you are a parent:

  • Do not impose anything on your children,
  • invite them to reason and reach an agreement together, so that their descendants do not see in you an enemy, but rather a friendly shoulder on which to lean.

Tuesdays Ogunda Meji will have prosperity and success

Tuesday is the lucky day for those ruled by Ogunda Meji.

On this date the religious will be able to offer to their Orishas, ​​invoke them and request their favors with greater ease than the rest of the days of the week.

They say that the business that Ogunda Meji closes on a Tuesday will be one of prosperity and success.

Ogunda Meji is represented by a dagger, a sign of justice

Ogunda Meyi is represented by a dagger, a weapon that immortalizes justice, the weight of the law and determination.

In this Ifá people are direct and do not beat around the bush, the religious ruled by this odun has a word and does not like to be defrauded.

Ogunda Meji considers that the legality of a human being is his greatest virtue and that breaking a promise is an unworthy and dishonest act.

The warrior Orishas are the protectors of Ogunda Meyi

In Ogunda Meyi the warrior Orishas are their protectors, these deities are found following the footsteps of the person to free him from all kinds of evils.

They don't lose track of him for a second because they came into his life to make all his wars their own and lead him along the path of good and prosperity.

The person in this odun must dedicate time to religion, its study and practice, as it accompaniesañan Eggunes of foundation, with which the human being will have the virtue of saving lives and building a religious people as they pass through the plane of the earth.

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