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What does your Guardian Angel protect you from?

What does the Guardian Angel do

My mother usually says:

Angel of my guard,
sweet company,
do not abandon me,
neither night nor day.

The Guardian Angel is an Angel from heaven who adopts and protects us and has the power to protect, to give fair and precise lessons, to guide us to triumph, always offering us the energies necessary for our life.

What role does our Guardian Angel have?

What role does our Guardian Angel have?

Compassionately he teaches us the truth of our souls, they offer serenity and patience in life; they fill the heart with security, generosity and simplicity that allows one to fight against impediments.

Our Angel fights for our health.

They are guides that allow us to find the path of healing, they open the eyes of the health personnel who treat you and recover diseased tissues and restore health.

They provide love, they teach us to trust, to fulfill dreams; they distinguish and restore our faults present in the Universe; They restore divine order by clarifying our concerns.

His light guides us on the path of life.

They help us to progress clairvoyance to better understand the spiritual world; They provide energies that help find answers to concerns and rid us of negative emotions.

Angels are faithful advocates of the truth, they help to know how to distinguish good from evil, they bring order, discipline, they teach us to be loyal and to go the right way that brings us closer to God and to respect him.

The Guardian Angel frees us from all kinds of dangers.

Always by our side as faithful protectors they free us from sorcery and malicious forces, from accidents, setbacks, diseases and they are always by our side, although some see them and others do not.

Through them we make appropriate decisions and learn to organize ourselves better, we assume situations without claims because everything happens for a reason and at some point it will be known.

It never leaves us, it lives in us.

They intervene in our thoughts, helping us to accept and respect hierarchies, to be modest and able to listen, they control our emotional outbursts and they teach us to love unconditionally.

They allow us to access mysteries of the spiritual world, assist us to resolve conflicts caused by ourselves, enlighten us and help us reach high spiritual levels.

They are our support to endure the most difficult tasks, they console us when we need them, they are the channel for establishing spiritual communication, they anticipate what is to come and prevent us from stumbling.

In the Yoruba religion we all have a Guardian Angel, when an Orisha is born he chooses us to guide our head, if you want to learn about:

"How a person's Guardian Angel is determined" you can read it here: Read more…

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