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Divinatory deities of the Yoruba pantheon, Eleguá and Orula

Eleguá and Orula

Usually the deities of the Yoruba Pantheon, They are subdivided into groups according to their powers, Orishas head, major and minor.

But several scholars have also decided to divide the Orishas based on the scientific order associated with their actions on earth and the elements with which they are related.

Thus, a scheme was made that groups them into cosmogonic, telluric, human endeavor and divinatory deities.

Divinatory deities:

We will now address the group of divinatory deities, those in whose hands the future of men lies and they can predict good and bad and even alert people when negativity stalks them, so they can avoid it.

Next, we describe the deities of this group: Orula and Eleguá.

Orula the fortune teller:

Also called orunmila, is a mythical Orisha soothsayer and one of the most important figures of the Yoruba cult brought from Africa and syncretized with the Catholic rites and with Saint Francis of Assisi.

Orula is the representation of wisdom and reason, good decisions, factors in favor. He is the great benefactor of humanity and its main adviser, transmits the word and the desire of the deities for men. It is the Orisha of divination, and the one who reveals the future through the secret of Ifá.

This powerful deity allows communication with all the orishas through the sacred divinatory methods that show the future of men. The babalawos are their representatives on Earth. Believers turn to them when they want to make decisions, consult life problems or decide on new challenges and undertakings.

orulaAs a fortune teller and owner of the oracle, he has the possibility of influencing destiny, even if it is the most adverse, in this way he prevents many from being victims of the Osogbos and bad influences sent by Eshú, the deity that governs the malevolent.

Elegua the messenger of the Orishas:

It is the first protection, the one that opens the ways to continue in religion, takes care of heads and protects destiny. It is received and attended first in any celebration, it is the first protection in Osha.

He is represented as a mischievous child and also as a fearsome and ferocious warrior when he joins Oggún the owner of iron and Oshosi the vigilante.

It is an Osha from the group of Orisha Oddé, who are called The Warriors.

He is considered the fundamental messenger of Olofin and lives in most cases behind the door, taking care of the ilé (house) of whoever owns it. From there he protects and delimits the malevolent so that it does not enter the homes of his protégés.

Es Eleggua who closes or opens the astral for the happiness or unhappiness of human beings and speaks through the sacred Oracle of Diloggún (snails). In fact, the main sign of the Olosha is determined by her conversation and that of the guardian angel.

He is the main interpreter of the letters of the diloggún oracle system and, together with Obbatalá, the oracle of the coconut (Obí) belongs to him, through which he demonstrates his divinatory gifts.

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