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Do you know these sacred deities of Palo Mayombe and their powers?

Palo mayombe deities

The Palo Mayombe rule it possesses multiple deities for its cult and adoration, those that have diverse names and powers that they use in dependence on the orders that must be carried out.

It is valid to emphasize that as in every rule, there is a hierarchy between these deities, so it is not uncommon to think that they act stepwise, guided among other aspects by a superior god.

Nzambi is the creator god of the Mayombe universe

Nzambi is the supreme god within the rule of Palo Mayombe, this is also known under the names of:

  • sambia,
  • Nsambiampungo,
  • pungun sambia,
  • Sambia Liri,
  • Sambia Surukuru,
  • Sambi Bilongo.

Formerly he was considered a Mpungu, a concept that was discarded when the precept was established that said deity was the creator god of the Mayombe universe.

Lungombe major entity of dark powers.

lungombe also called Lukankanse and Kadiampembe is the second most powerful entity for the paleros, this corresponds to the development of dark powers and negative magic.

To this great power is attributed that which is fed by the evil actions that take place in the world on a daily basis.

Mpungo Kobayende the deity of plagues

Mpungo Kobayende is the deity of the plagues Pata Llaga, this is known under the names of:

  • Tata Pansua,
  • Tata Nfumbe,
  • Tata Funde,
  • Tata Fumbe,
  • Pungun Futila and
  • Tata Kaneñe.

It is considered the embodiment of death itself, it brings pestilences and infectious-contagious diseases.

The botanical deities Gurufinda and Nkuyu.  


Represents flora, for his vast knowledge of botany is considered the god of the forest and herbs, he dominates the sacred knowledge of healing and the spiritual essence of plants.

This deity is in charge of calling the spirits with the help of Mother Nature, the herbs and leaves being the ones in charge of transmitting their messages.


Deity also known under the names of:

  • Nkuyō,
  • Manunga,
  • Lubaniba and
  • Bright Star.

He is considered along with Gurufinda as the deity of botany.

This one like its similar habita in the heart of the forest, among his duties we can mention the protection of the roads, at the same time that he must find the guide and the balance between the spiritual and earthly world so that human life follows its cycle correctly.

Lucero is one of the greatest spiritual supports that the gangulero who is consecrated under the doctrine of Manunga receives, therefore, he owes respect to this deity above all things.

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