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Do you want to prosper? Follow these 3 tips from a santera

Tips to prosper

1. Learn from mistakes and don't get attached to the stone.

We all spend our lives experiencing challenges, wins and losses and with each experience wisdom is acquired.

Many commit again the same mistakes, but expect different results and blame their Orishas for their misfortunes.

The saint gives you advice and warns youIt is up to us to take responsibility, not to fall into the same faults and above all not to blame them for the misfortune.

Without realizing it we become victims of mistakes and we will continue to be if we continue that path. 

2. Let nothing and no one stop your dreams.

I will tell you today something that took me a long time to understand and learn and that is many do not think of you.

When I understood my life changed completely and it is that many times we do not do things for fear of the typical "they are going to criticize me", but if others don't pay your bills, you shouldn't care about the "what they will say".

Smash those reviews like they're mosquitoes make your dreams come true, It doesn't matter if they are small, reach for them.

As Yemayá tells me: Let everything flow like water!

3. Learn to close cycles and bury the past.

It is important that we do not leave things unfinished because this causes us anguish and negative charges.

If the cycle is left open like a wound that does not heal, then let go of everything that angers you, worries you, your grudges and envy.

Sometimes external things influence, but almost always we are the ones who avoid and do not recognize the error.

Let prosperity flow ending with everything that hurts and affects us.

Light incense and pass it around your house asking for health and spiritual abundance.

Remember: Sometimes we blame external situations for our prosperity and progress, but success is within us, these tips will help you achieve it.

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