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Ika Iroso: The young man who lost an ear for disobeying his father

Disobedience in Ika Iroso

In the depths of the mountain lived a man with his three children, he was dedicated to planting fruit trees because with the harvest trade he met the needs of his home.

The father was an individual of strong character, when he gave an order he was always obeyed, because in the face of disobedience he himself was in charge of retaliating.

Pataki where disobedience to elders is paid dearly

one mañana after watering his plantation, the man realized that the fruits were eaten and bruised, promising then that the moment he surprised the intruder that affected his harvest, he would kill him as a thief.

The man who was determined not to be defeated so quickly set traps in the trees to capture the thief.

As evening fell, he spotted a black bird that was trapped between the branches, making him a prisoner.

Once home the father warned his children that whoever released the bird would pay dearly, so he locked it in a cage and left for his plantation.

Never get caughtañar for a chatterbox!

The bird who was very talkative began to talk to the boys to whom he told that, if they opened the cage very discreetly, he would give them corals.

They, eager to see if it was true, did so and the bird filled the cage with corals.

Then the bird told the children of its captor that if they opened the cage a little more to get fresh air, it would give them jet black.

The intrigued boys complied with the bird's request and it overflowed the jet cage.

The boys could not believe the bird's powers to provide valuables, he told them that if they opened the cage halfway, he would fill the house with colored beads.

The boys complied and the bird, after filling the house with beads, flew out and escaped without a trace.

The boys, worried about what their father would say, decided to collect all the treasures that the bird had given them and pile them up so that when he arrived he would not repress them for disobeying him.

When evil is disobeyed, it comes walking ...

When the father returned from work he was enraged to see that they had let the bird escape without caring about the riches obtained, so he took his eldest son and cut off his ear as punishment for what happened.

The boy, seeing himself without an ear, went to the house of Azowan who was the village healer and he applied various remedies to his wound and healed him.

On the way home the boy stood in front of the father and told him that he would not return until he captured the bird.

He took a drum and a half sack of corn and went into the bush.

In the distance he saw a flock, approaching it slowly, suddenly he sat down on the ground and began to throw corn to the birds and beat his drum.

These one by one were falling on the corn and dancing, except for the black bird who was distrustful of the situation.

But since the boy was missing an ear, the bird did not recognize him and went down to eat.

Suddenly he pounced on him capturing him, after two hours the young man was back at his house handing over the animal to his father, who in return placed a new ear of cotton and wax.

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