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Dispossession at the foot of Saint Lazarus for health and rid of diseases

Dispossession of Saint Lazarus

Old Lazarus as his devotees call him with faith, He is venerated, respected and very feared also by all Cubans for his great power.

Saint Lazarus takes care of the sick, mainly epidemics and the skin. His deity is asked before the disease to help the most disadvantaged.

Saint Lazarus is miraculous, and in the Rule of Osha or Santeria He is linked to the Orisha Babalú-Ayé, deity of the Yoruba pantheon of powerful energies.

This dispossession with Saint Lazarus It is to get rid of diseases and dark energies, or if you are sick and want your health to improve.

It is said that faith is taking the first step even when you do not see the complete ladder, and it is very true. Do this work from the heart.


  • Deep container
  • 1 bottle of dry wine
  • 7 herbs of Saint Lazarus
  • 1 or 2 coconut soaps if they are small (you need 7 pieces) the unscented soap also works.
  • 7 eggs
  • 7 cents
  • 1 candle
  • Brown paper (cartridge paper) or a bag

How do we do this Dispossession in the name of the miraculous Saint Lazarus?

  1. First, in the container you pour the dry wine and inside 7 herbs such as:
  • Bitter broom, Apasote, Caisimón, Artemisa, Salvia, Morada Basil, and Cundeamor.
  1. With our hands we are going to squeeze all those herbs with the dry wine, no water.
  2. When you finish, you break the soap into 7 pieces and put it inside, you also put the 7 whole eggs (without breaking them) and the 7 cents.
  3. You put all this in front of Saint Lazarus, light a candle, ask for his blessing and ask him:

Saint Lazarus unleashes my calamities, my ill health
Protect me from the punishments that may come to your child

Blessed are you and you will be, do me good
Cleanse and restore my body with your great wisdom and power.
Blessed are you Saint Lazarus my father.

This container will be at the foot of San Lázaro for 7 days and every day you must pray and light the candle for a while.

Spiritual bath for health and evolution

  • On the seventh day at the time of the ritual you should take this container to the bathroom.
  • You take one of the soaps and always dipping it in that dry wine with herbs you rub it all over your body scrubbing.
  • Then you put the soap aside, do not put it back into the container, and put it in the bag or wrapped in brown paper.
  • Then you take an egg and you pass it all over your body, from head to toe, in the form of spoil and cleaning so that it takes away the bad.
  • You also put the egg next to the soap that you separated in the bag or paper.

A clear water bath to clean up all the bad stuff:

Now you take a normal bath with clear water and dress in light or white.

After bathing, you take a penny from those deposited in the pot and clean yourself at the foot of San Lázaro.

You go to the bush or the forest and leave those elements there.

Remember to return the container to the foot of San Lázaro, and you will do so for 7 consecutive days.


  • While you shower you must light a candle to Saint Lazarus, and when you go out you can turn it off.
  • Put a lot of faith in it because what you do from the heart always works.

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