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Beautiful representation and Prayer dedicated to Elegguá in his day

Eleggua's birthday

Happy Birthday to Elegguá, the powerful guardian of paths and opportunities! Today let us celebrate his presence in our lives, thanking him for his protection and wisdom. May his light illuminate our paths and guide us towards new horizons.

Today, on this special day of celebration, we come together as a community to express our deep gratitude to Elegguá. Instead of making requests, we focus on honoring and thanking their presence in our lives. We recognize its beneficent influence and the vital role it plays in opening pathways and providing us with protection. May our gratitude reach Elegguá as a sincere offering and may his blessing continue to guide our steps on the path of life. Ashé Elegguá!

7 Tips for the Veneration and Attention to Elegguá

Discover the many ways to venerate Elegguá, the powerful orisha who leads our luck and opportunities. He knows the sacred practices that honor his presence and connect with his protective energy in your daily life.

  1. Prepare a plate of fresh and sweet fruits that Eleggua likes, such as guava, bananas, papaya, candies, sweets, desserts. Place it on her altar as an offering in quantities of three, either the whole fruit or pieces. After 3 days you are going to take it in a leafy tree or in the bush.
  2. Light a red candle and a black candle in front of Elegua The red candle symbolizes vitality and power, while the black candle represents protection and purification. If you only have a white candle, it is also correct, the important thing is to worship it with faith.
  3. Decorate the altar of the little child with toys, maracas, rattles, rattles. These sounds attract the orisha's attention and keep him happy.
  4. Celebrate the presence of Elegguá to the rhythm of the music and fills the space with a festive energy. She dances and enjoys to the sound of the drums, creating an intimate connection with the orisha. This energizes the environment, inviting joy and spiritual connection with Elegguá.
  5. Offer Eleguá tobacco and brandy. Light the tobacco and exhale the smoke towards the altar, take a sip of rum and blow it in front of the orisha, then express your thanks.
  6. Spend a few minutes at the altar of Eleguá, if you want, while you do it, light the candle and have a key in your hands. This symbolizes that the orisha is the guardian of the doors and roads, he is the one who opens the doors for you.
  7. Dedicate prayers for Elegguá, you can use musical instruments such as drums, maracas or bells to accompany you.añar your invocation (at the end of the article we share a very nice prayer).

Image gallery: Representation of Elegguá

📷 Many thanks to the Photos and this beautiful work Courtesy of Lázaro Martínez, Dancer of the company Raíces Profundas @lachyowen

There goes Eleguá, laughing out loud, while his guava doodle becomes his playing instrument. Frolicking through the bush in his pompous, red and black suit, he opens paths and fights battles. His enchanting laugh wakes everyone up, like a ray of light illuminating the path. With his tobacco in hand, he smokes away all the curses that cross his path. He is the smallest child but the bravest warrior we have ever known. Thanks, Elegua!

I pray to Elegguá: Opening roads and protecting my life

You can dedicate this beautiful prayer to Eleggua in the light of a white or red candle, with a lot of faith and love, give her these beautiful words:

Eleguá, with deep gratitude, I thank you my child for your constant guidance, for opening the paths in my life and protecting me at all times. I wish that your light and wisdom are always present in my paths.

Orisha of the roads and crossroads, open the doors of opportunities in my life. Protect me from obstacles and bad energy, guide my steps on the path of well-being and prosperity.

eleguá, guardian of secrets and wishes, listen to my requests and make them come true. Grant wisdom and discernment to my decisions, illuminate my path with your holy presence.

My Elegguá, owner of the destinations and synchronicities, allow me to achieve my most desired goals and dreams. May your blessing always be with me, and may your influence be my guide in every step I take.

Ashe Eleguá!

Let's remember that something very important about Elegguá is its connection to duality and transition. In addition to being the guardian of the roads and crossroads, Elegguá represents the intersection between the past and the future, the old and the new. He teaches us that in every choice and in every change there is an opportunity to grow and evolve. Elegguá reminds us not to fear life's unexpected turns, but to embrace them with courage and confidence, knowing that he will be there to open the doors to new possibilities.

On this special birthday of Elegguá, We invite you to celebrate its presence in your life and thank you for the opportunities it offers us.. Acknowledge his power and wisdom in the paths that open before you. May this day be a reminder of the importance of honoring and respecting Elegguá in all your actions, in order to receive her blessings and protection. Happy birthday, Elegguá!

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