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June 13 Eleguá Day: We celebrate the Lord of the Roads

Eleguá day June 13

To Eleguá, the little giant of the OchaLord of the Roads and Destiny, we celebrate this June 13 by showing you our faith and devotion in the Yoruba religion.

To the decision maker of happiness and guide at the crossroads of life, we show our affection and respect this day, we thank you for your company and your constant support and we ask that you never leave our side.

We usually celebrate Eleguá in his representative facet as a child symbolizing the Elegua-Eshú couple, the constant link between the positive and the negative, the balance of the world.

Why is Eleguá's birthday celebrated on this day in Santeria?

Saint Anthony patron of
Saint Anthony of padua.

Eleguá's day in Santeria It is the same date that the Catholic saint, San Antonio de Padua, is celebrated, because due to the transculturation of African and Spanish culture, his cult has been united and in the same faith both the saint and the orisha of the Yoruba pantheon.

Eleguá has several comparisons with saints, For this reason, the Yoruba deity is also celebrated on January 6, but that day is celebrated in its syncretism with the Santo Niño de Atocha.

Eleguá, the little warrior of Osha, is celebrated

Eleguá is the first saint to be received, a powerful warrior who opens up spiritual paths for us and guides us until we reach our destiny.

If we are worthy, it will open for us the doors of happiness, health, prosperity and love.

A Pataki tells that the creator Olofin told Eleguá one day:

«Being you the smallest and my messenger, you will be the greatest on earth and in heaven, and without counting on you it will never be possible to do anything.»

This demonstrates why Eleguá's powers demand the utmost respect and why he must be greeted and before the other orishas, ​​as well as to be the first at the entrance of the house.

Eleguá is the naughty and spoiled Orisha of the Ocha, but also a strong and powerful warrior who provides us with constant protection.

Liketend and celebrate the Orisha in his day?

Guava for Eleguá
Cookies with cheese and guava sweet for Eleguá, a simple offering

Because of his image as a child, his devotees celebrate Eleguá by giving him the offerings that the spoiled little one likes the most.

To deliver the offerings, let us remember that Eleguá likes to have the names of the offerings said out loud.

A great variety of sweets and others such as:

  • Muffins, scrapes, caramelized coquitos and candies, as well as desserts and sweets, such as cornbreads, candies, among others and preferably in numbers or quantities of 3.
  • We can also put 3 guavas, as it is a fruit that he loves and appreciates.
  • We offer you a red or white candle, along with the flowers we want, and we thank you with faith.

At the end of the article we leave some of the powerful offerings that you can offer to the orisha.

Prepare a joyful birthday in honor of the Yoruba prince:

The June 13, the religious always entertain Eleguá and above all appreciate his blessings.

It is also celebrated by making a birthday, where many children are invited to reign the hubbub and joy, and many sweets are delivered, sweets, piñatas are made and thus the little giant of the Osha is venerated.

And so this day of Eleguá, June 13, the orisha will feel happy seeing the samples of faith and joy of his children, because he is a happy and positive saint who likes happiness and merriment.

Short prayer to Eleguá translated from Yoruba:

On this day, Eleguá is also prayed and spoken to with faith and trust, thanking him for his immense help and asking for his guidance and support.

Owner of all four corners, major of the road, my father, take away the bad things to be able to walk with great health, that there is no sickness, that there is no loss, that there is no revolution, that there is no death. In the name of all the children of the house, I thank you very much, my father Eleggúa.

Some of the beautiful offerings that you can offer to Eleguá in his day:

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