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This January 6 we celebrate Eleguá, Guardian Angel of the 4 corners

Eleguá Santeria Day

Eleguá Day in Santeria It is a date to celebrate, honor him and pray to the little orisha. Learn more about its syncretism and power in this article.

To Eleguá, one of the seven most powerful gods in the Yoruba Pantheon, we celebrate it this January 6, in syncretism with the Santo Niño de Atocha, although it also has other syncretisms and dates of celebration.

For example, in syncretism with San Antonio de Padua his day is June 13.

In the Rule of Osha-Ifá or Santeria Eleguá is the first to be called in every religious act or festival and the last to say goodbye, it is the beginning and the end of all roads, birth and death, good and evil .

It represents for the Yoruba devotees the balance that must always be maintained in life and the first protection on the spiritual path.

Venerate the warrior: Eleguá Day in Santeria

We must bear in mind that on January 6 we celebrate Eleguá in his naughty boy facet, so we can have a party dedicated to the saint, with sweets, sweets, toys and a lot of childish joy.

Offerings that the Orisha welcomes

Elegguá, "the messenger prince", is offered his favorite foods to honor him, such as:

  • Fish and smoked hutía, and toasted corn,
  • fruits such as coconut and guava which is his favorite,
  • corojo butter,
  • drinks like brandy,
  • tobacco,
  • sweets and candies of all kinds.

Also in religious ceremonies goats, roosters, chickens, hutías are immolated.

Some tips when paying attention to Eleguá

  • Let us remember that when presenting Elegguá the offerings must be enumerated aloud to him and that they are rubbed with corojo butter and added with honey, roasted corn, jutía and smoked fish.
  • Then 3 grains of pepper are taken, brandy is blown into it and a few puffs of tobacco smoke are released.
  • Let's not forget that we must also light a white or red candle that illuminates the saint when he receives his offerings and attentions.
  • In addition, we can place treats and toys next to your altar.

And so we speak to him and thank him with faith and sincerity, and from the heart. We ask for Health (Didara), Luck (Oriré), Money (Owó) and Prosperity.

Pray to Eleguá in his day ¿Cómo hacerlo?

On the day of Eleguá we dedicate ourselves to thanking the prince de la Ocha for his blessings.

We can pray to him next to his altar by lighting a candle, or look for a quiet place in the home or nature where we can communicate with confidence and tranquility.

There we must let him know our joys and sorrows and ask for his blessings to continue on the path of safety.

Very powerful prayer to Eleguá to open paths, give thanks and ask for forgiveness

Father Eleguá, allow me to call you that, because in reality you are my creator. You formed me from the dust of the road, but like everything that comes from You, I am real and eternal.

Lord, allow me to serve you in the humblest and most despicable tasks created by your human children.

I beg you health, love and abundance for mine, do not leave meabitar in the dark depths of the earth and walk the tortuous paths that life sometimes gives us.

May the unconsciousness of men not harm me, protect me from enemies moved by cowardice and human malice, free me from traps and evil intentions.

I am not complaining, Lord of the roads, I am grateful even when I am involved in the whirlwind of adversity in life, but give me peace, tranquility along the way. I beg you.

However, Lord, in my infinite littleness and misery, how great and happy I feel when I find in some heart an oasis of love and they ask me to help give charity.

I accept, without complaining, Lord, the law that, in Your infinite wisdom and justice, You imposed on me, because I know that each lesson brings a teaching and I accept it.

I ask you, oh infinite Father, to forgive me when I have broken your word and once again I thank you for the blessings you place on my path and on that of my family.

On this earth, take away all sickness, and forgive your children on this plane and make them good, because only through the goodness of their hearts will they be able to feel the vibration of Your love and the grace of Your forgiveness.

Ashé my Eleguá

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