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Eve of the Day of Charity of Cobre y Ochún

Ochún copper charity day

Every September 7, Cubans await the eve of the Day of Charity of Cobre and Ochún, they pray to the holy orisha, put candles, sunflowers and deposit offerings, always thanking them for their blessings and asking them for the strength to continue.

From the home of many devotees, a candle lights the faith and it is expected at 12 o'clock at night to give thanks and ask for blessings.

And it is that on September 8, Cubans celebrate the Patron Saint of Cuba, the Charity of Copper and the Yoruba Orisha of Love, Oshun, queen of Rivers and Sweet Waters and protector of pregnant women.

Beautiful and righteous, this is Oshún, one of the most revered deities of the Yoruba pantheon to whom prayers are directed in search of love, health and prosperity.

In eternal syncretism as a result of the transculturation of this Caribbean island, on September 8 both deities are celebrated and unite in the same celebration in which the Cuban people dedicate their most intense displays of devotion and attachment to them.

In the Sanctuary of Caridad del Cobre, located at the top of Cerro de Maboa, 27 kilometers from the city of Santiago de Cuba, the devotees come to pay tribute to the Virgin and also to the Orisha Oshún, in the same cult It represents the intensity of feelings and spirituality, love and femininity.

Treat Queen Ochún and Caridad del Cobre in their day

The Sanctuary of Charity of El Cobre, houses thousands of people who attend Mass each year between September 7 and 8 and who carry hundreds of offerings dedicated to the holy orisha, in gratitude for listening to the supplications.

Thousands of candles light up the premises, highlighting even in the daylight and filling the premises with prayers and prayers in various languages. Well, there are many who there are going to pay homage to the protective deities.

Although this year is different, due to the situation in the world that we face, from the houses we also venerate both goddesses, a simple flower, a candle and a lot of devotion and gratitude is enough to adore our mothers.

On September 8, un day to be blessed

Every year this day is also venerated in the houses of the saint to Oshún, with dances and respect and an immense faith that is always present in the hearts of the devotees, who invoke it to celebrate with them the day of love.

Each one treats her in their own way and mixing offerings in Catholic and African cults with sunflowers, candles, offerings of food and shiny objects.

Cubans thank her in a thousand ways, some more humble and others more sumptuous, but all aimed at showing their immense faith in Oshún and in the little virgin.

Many go to the rivers, his temple, to bring him offerings, to make promises and to thank him. There they speak to him of the joy of life, because Oshún likes his devotees to appreciate the little things of each day.

And they also ask for protection, health and prosperity. And those prayers are also scattered around all the altars that all of Cuba dedicates to him on September 8.

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