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September 7, Eve that celebrates the Virgencita del Cobre and Oshún

Charity Day of Cobre Oshún

Beautiful Oshún, owner of the gold, I thank you so much, and I beg you, enlighten and open my paths, attend to my needs, pour your gold over my family, may I never suffer hunger, misery or ruin and may we not lack your blessing and prosperity in the future.

Oh my precious Oshún, my Virgin of Charity, with your great strength and power bring me much love, health and fortune in this life!

The September 8 It is the day when we venerate the sweet and loving mother, the Virgencita de la Caridad del Cobre, patron saint of the island of Cuba, and her cult joins her syncretism, the African goddess Oshún.

On their eve we venerate them, with great faith, the Saint and the Orisha, we give thanks for so many blessings received.

The prayers, offerings, attentions and rituals in the name of Oshún are more powerful when we put more faith and love, this is the way in which more positive energy is achieved.

It is to Oshún, the Yoruba goddess, and the little virgin to whom prayers are raised for luck in family life, health, love, abundance and the blessing of having children.

¿What can I give as an offering to the Virgin of Charity and Oshún in his day?

To the virgin we can offer candles, desserts, drinks and flowers, and in the same altar we adore the Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon.

Although the offerings vary according to the Oshún path, we can generally venerate her with some foods and ingredients that she loves, such as:

  • 5 sunflowers in your name or yellow roses, or the flower that we want to give you.
  • Yellow, white or golden candles that illuminate her altar or place where we venerate her.
  • Desserts with syrup and honey, fine sweets, panetelas.
  • Fruits like canistel or 5 sweet oranges with honey.
  • Drinks such as champagne or beer by the glass.
  • The goddess of honey is very flirtatious, put perfume, golden objects, silk scarves, fans.

Tips to keep in mind when venerating the Holy Orisha:

Remember that no deity ever supports bad, disrespectful or petty people, you must act from the heart with the golden queens.

As religious and devotees we must give everything of ourselves with faith, because they appreciate all the offerings that are offered to them and the dedication and love that each person puts in each one of them.

Do not forget that Oshún and the Virgen del Cobre know your situationThey value the offerings no matter how simple they are, as long as they are made with the greatest possible effort, it does not matter if it is little, but give it love.

Every offering consists of taking to the altar, to the river that is their natural kingdom, or to other sweet waters those gifts, which can be objects, food or elements that we wish to give them.

Although most of the time we give it in order to receive some spiritual or material favor, it is also important that we approach them without ulterior motives, just for the sake of giving thanks.

When you approach her waters, or her altar, do not forget to have joy in your heart and a lot of sweetness, she will feel your cry. Trust!

We share offerings that you can offer to Oshún on his day or whenever you want:

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