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Eve of the day of Yemayá and the Virgin of Regla

Day of the Virgin of Regla and Yemayá

A Yemaya, goddess of the seas, protector of sailors and mother of all the children on Earth, she is paid tribute on September 7 in the Creole way, with the syncretism and transculturation that unite her to the celebration of the protector of the bay from Havana, the Virgin of Regla.

The cult of both has been united for hundreds of years, in full demonstration of Cuban identity, and many are the Cubans who celebrate "the day of the saint", without specifying Yemayá or the Virgin of Regla.

Both are celebrated and worshiped as a single deity who bestows blessings and helps those in need and protector of those who make their living at sea.

They pray to the saint and in her image they also render devotion to the Orisha Mother of Afro-Cuban culture.

Thanks and devotion to Yemayá and the Virgin of Regla

Yemayá, the queen of the waters and the Virgin of Regla, syncretize their celebration on September 7, the day in which they receive unconditional love and gratitude from all the devotees.

But from the 6th it is tradition to wait up until 12 at night to thank and light a candle on behalf of the mothers of the seas.

On the 7th, many go to the Sanctuary of the Virgen de Regla, located in that capital municipality of the same name.

And there they participate in the patron saint festivities in honor of the Virgin and the Orisha and carry offerings of food, candles and flowers to leave in the church or on the seashore.

The multitude of devotees of the patron saint of Regla and the Queen of the Sea, dress in blue and white, symbols of both deities. They ask for their blessings by bringing them roses and candles, and offerings and addimús with Yemayá's favorite foods that they deposit on the shore of the bay.

They speak to them that day from the sea of ​​their lives, their joys and their pains, they show their gratitude, their loyalty and their devotion and they implore protection to move forward.

Celebrate Yemayá on its day

Listening to the so-called touches of the saint with drum beatings that invoke the Orishas is usual every September 7 in many houses of the Yoruba religion.

And it is that this beautiful day many adore the Orisha Yemayá on the altars of their houses, with touches, offerings, addimús and other expressions of gratitude and fervor, because she is Yemayá, the queen of the waters, one of the deities most venerated by the Cuban people.

Yemayá is invoked that day in Yoruba temple houses throughout Cuba, to appear on earth and dance and enjoy the gratitude and loyalty of his devotees.

How to honor her in her day?

The simplest offering to our mother waters is a candle in their name, a picture or an image, offer a prayer of gratitude and give heartfelt thanks for the blessings that have been received.

Many of her children and devotees also go to the sea to take a bath and sink in the blessings of its waters, speaking with the Orisha, praying to her in the tranquility of the sea for her blessings and calling her to embrace them with her protective mantle and wash sadness, problems and illness.

There they also take you your favorite Ochinchin made with shrimp, capers, lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, tomato and chard, or sweets such as gofio palanquetas with corn molasses.aña, and fruits such as watermelon or watermelon.

They are also loaded with baskets of white flowers or varieties of blue flowers that they throw into the sea to adorn and perfume the house of the Goddess of the Seas.

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