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September 26 is the day of the Ibeyis, the Jimaguas of fortune

Day of the Ibeyis

We celebrate on September 26, at Jimaguas Ibeyis, son of Shango y Oshun raised by Yemaya the goddess of the sea. They are minor Orishas, ​​protectors of all children, especially of twin brothers.

They symbolize everything good, fortune, luck and prosperity and are capable of warding off the evil that is coming. That is why many devotees implore him in his day for salvation and fortune.

The ibeyis are male and female, and receive different names such as Taewó and Kaindé, Araba and Aína, Ayaba and Aíba, Olorí and Oroina also female, depending on their cult.

They live in two small jars due to their figure of children, one decorated in red and white and the other in white and blue, colors that represent them.

One of the main characteristics of the Ibeyis or the twin jimaguas or Orishas as they are also called, is that they protect children, accompany themañan on the path of life, giving them light so that they may be good men.  

How to entertain the Ibeyis in their day?

We celebrate the Ibeyis in our homes, with all the devotion and faith placed in that space that we set aside to entertain them.

As children at last, they prefer the offerings of sweets and sweets, they also love to eat all kinds of fruits such as:

  • mamey from Santo Domingo
  • canister
  • guava
  • anon
  • soursop
  • orange
  • mango
  • pineapple
  • plantain
  • mamoncillo

Chickens and pigeons are also sacrificed to him, and they eat sweets, yellow rice and cornbreads. They say hi to each other Ibeyi oro alakúa oyé oyé mojojó! when we leave their offerings or when we wish to invoke them to give thanks and ask for their blessing.  

We can pray to them and thank them for their blessings especially for the little ones in the house and we raise prayers to ask them for good health and luck.

Religious syncretism

The Ibeyis syncretize in the Catholic religion with Saint Cosme and Saint Damien, patrons of physicians. Like the Jimaguas, these saints personify prosperity and prosperity, they are merciful and have always provided help to those most in need.   

The powerful Ibeyis are capable of saving from death, from life's misfortunes, from hexes and above all, they fundamentally protect children from all evil.

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