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How to honor Obatalá and the Virgen de las Mercedes on their Eve?

Obatalá las Mercedes day

On September 24 we celebrate obbatala, father of all children on Earth and the merciful Virgin of Las Mercedes, both deities who guide people and intercede for them, come together in a single cult so revered and powerful. Your devotees from the eve, begin to perform all kinds of tributes, thanking and asking for your blessing.

From this September 23 We begin by filling our houses with white, as a symbol of purity that symbolizes the greater Orisha. Flowers, candles and sweets will be the essential tributes to the saints who make our life a much more bearable experience.

And this year, although due to the difficult epidemiological situation associated with the Covid 19 pandemic, we will not be able to go to the Church of Our Lady of Mercy to pay homage to both deities and beg for their blessings, nor will we be able to go to the mountains.añas, the temple of Obbatalá, yes we can worship them from our homes.

We thank Obbatalá, Father Orisha and the Virgin of Las Mercedes, the patron saint of the prisoners, we thank you for your guidance at the altars, with offerings, candles and flowers, and, above all, a lot of faith.

Treat Father Orisha and the Virgen de las Mercedes

This year let us thank Obbatalá and the Virgen de las Mercedes from our homes for the health we have, and ask for their blessings so that we can move forward.

There are many ways we can show these saints our faith and devotion.

Let's place an altar

To Obbatalá, we can dedicate an altar made with humility and in gratitude for the blessings he gives us, it does not matter if it is simple, it is necessary that it be done from the heart.

The altar for Obbatalá must be of its representative color, white, and cleanliness and order must prevail in it.

We can put images or representations of the deities on it, such as pictures of the Virgen de las Mercedes.

Let's put white flowers

On the altar we can put white flowers such as white gladioli, his favorite flower, which symbolizes strength of character, fidelity and honor, in addition to the purity of the white color itself.

He also adores lilies and the gallant at night, flowers that immensely perfume the space.

We should also light candles for them to pray to them and tell them about our gratitude, joys and sorrows.

Let's place offerings

Obbatalá's favorite foods They are rice pudding and meringue, simple sweets that are easy for everyone to cook.

He also likes other white foods like milk and sweets like custard.

Other ideal offerings for Obbatalá are:

  • Taro balls
  • Yam balls
  • Cocoa butter balls
  • Fruits like soursop and pomegranate.

Also among the herbs or ewes he prefers coconut, white canutillo, acacia, cotton, mugwort, saffron, among others.

As for animals, those who immolate themselves must be white such as doves, guineas, chickens and white goats.

Let's visit the Church

Although this year it is impossible for us, one of the best ways to show our devotion to the saints in their day is by visiting their temple.

Every September 24, it is customary among Cubans to celebrate the day of the Virgen de las Mercedes, and the Orisha Obatalá, dressed in white, to pray in the Church of Our Lady of Mercy located on Cuba and Merced streets, in La Old Havana.

The Iglesia de la Merced is one of the main religious temples in Havana. It has a main altar to which the faithful of the Virgen de las Mercedes must access through the stairs to pray to the virgin asking for her blessing. The faithful go there every September 24.

We appreciate

To thank the deities, we can dedicate after the prayers, a song of thanks to Obatalá or Suyere, which closes once he has made his requests and prayers, and our devotion and gratitude is offered to the saint for having been present and attentive to listen to all our prayers.

Suyere to Obbatalá:

Babaru olowo, ekée

Babamoqueñe, maqueñe obe ekun

Babamoqueñe, maqueñe ekua mum

baba bakile akuko

akuko atonikole gangan

Atonikole gangan ayaguna leyi, bo

Babaru oluo, huh

We also thank the Virgen de las Mercedes through a powerful prayer.

Prayer to the Virgen de las Mercedes:

Most Holy Virgin Mary of Mercy, Mother of God and for this august quality worthy of the deepest respect of angels and men.

Today, as one of your children, I confess that you know, madam, since my early childhood I have had you as a mother, a lawyer, my employer.

Since then you have looked at me. Through your hands and intercession, all the graces that I have received from tributes and from imploring the help of your merciful protection have come to me.

You are powerful towards your most precious child. I wish that I have to be faithful to you during the course of my life.

For after it, I deserve to see you and rejoice in eternal happiness with this unworthy son of yours, and receive the I come to pay tribute to you, my humble God, continue then your mercy of glory,


Regardless of what we offer on the sacred day of Obatalá and Las Mercedes, it must always be with faith, and a lot of love.

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