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Let's celebrate Orula the great Oracle of Ifá on his day Our wise father!

Orunmila Day

The Yoruba temple dresses up on October 4 to celebrate his great Oracle Orunmila, the only Orisha who predicts the future by launching prophecies without making mistakes.

This deity is responsible for marking a path on earth for each human being, having in turn the power to designate the guardian angel of each religious.

The Orisha that brings stability and health to the human being is Orula

Orula the saint who identifies with the yellow and green colors comes into the life of every man to:

  • Straighten the paths that lie crooked,
  • give it stability,
  • health and
  • good luck.

This is the Orisha that is received after the warriors, being the first saint to speak on a mat to the religious, marking an itá rich in advice that remains valid for the rest of his life.

Orula is one of the most worshiped saints within the Yoruba pantheon

The great fortune teller celebrates his day on October XNUMX, at which time the devotees and priests of Ifá come before him to thank him for all the help received by bringing him:

  • Flores,
  • candles,
  • sweets and
  • drinks.

Orula is one of the most adored saints within the Yoruba Pantheon and it is before him that the religious present themselves in search of a solution to their problems.

How do you prepare Orunmila on the eve of his day?

  1. On the eve of this day the religious prepares Orula by cleaning it with corojo butter and honey in equal parts.
  2. As the process is carried out, the man talks with him and asks him to pour out many blessings on his house.
  3. After finishing the cleaning, Orula places herself on a mat on the floor.
  4. And two candles are lit, which can be white, yellow or green.

There is no firmer word on earth than that of Orula

There is no firmer word than Orula's, because sooner or later what he predicts ends up being fulfilled.

The advice that the soothsayer offers in the itá to the religious must be respected because in this action goes the success of the life of the person on earth.

Whoever is receptive to his words lives a quiet life, but who decides to turn a deaf ear to his warnings ends up mired in osogbos driven to his own head on his way through.

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