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Oshosi Day: On June 6 we celebrate the hunter and warrior of the Ocha

Oshosi Day

To Ochosi, the hunter of the Rule of Osha (Santeria) and protector of the persecuted, we celebrate it this June 6.

To the one who fights against injustices and helps us reach our destiny by making our way, we pray this day with fervor.

Ochosi, the hunter, the owner of the bow and arrow, is an Osha from the group of Orisha Oddé in the Yoruba religion, known as The Warriors.

It is one of the first Orishas that any individual receives, as it is his task to protect us along our spiritual path.

Ochosi is a hunter related to prison, justice and defender of the persecuted. That is why many of those who suffer the injustices of life and those who have been unjustly imprisoned pray to him.

It is him, the thought that is capable of moving to any time and place to capture something and fight against evil.

What and why is Ochosi's day?

Prayer to Saint Norbert
St. Norbert

Ochosi's day is June 6 Because the orisha is syncretized with the Catholic Saint Saint Norbert, both are celebrated on this day in Santeria.

This syncretism was born when entire communities were brought from Africa to America in slavery.

This process of transculturation arises as part of the adaptation of our ancestors to their new reality, thus mixing their African deities with the saints of their masters, through the establishment of similarities in both gods.

Tend the sorcerer and mighty hunter oshosi

Pataki the warriors
Cauldron of the Warriors where Oshosi lives with Osun

Ochosí is considered a magician and sorcerer. Its name comes from the Yoruba Osóssí "He who works with witchcraft."

He is also considered the owner of the forest and the game, so he protects the fugitives and unjustly punished and helps the disadvantaged and hungry.

To serve this mighty warrior:

We can carry out your attention on Monday together with Eleguá, if possible in the mañana and in the open air, because it is he, the representative of freedom, or behind the door where his sacred cauldron is usually.

In his day a simple candle in gratitude is more than enough if we do not have what to offer, our humility and faith is everything.

We can also go to his natural temple, on the mountain and bring him his favorite offerings or choose a quiet part of our home and dedicate it to offer our entertainment on his day.

Like fruits and vegetables such as sapote, ateje, coriander, male river fern, red piglet, river flax.

  • At the end of this article we leave some of the offerings that you can give to the Orisha of Al Caza.

In the Rule of Osha, among the offerings and ceremonies to Ochosi animals such as dove, goat, rooster, quail, chicken, deer, guinea fowl or hutía are sacrificed, to mention some animals.

Ochosi and Oggún the pattern of the irons

Also when celebrating Ochosi we must always remember his close relationship with Oggún, since they live together inside a metal cauldron.

Both should be served by blowing brandy or rum, and tobacco smoke is blown, and it is spread:

  • toasted corn
  • smoked hutía
  • smoked fish.

Oshosi also loves anise liqueur if served separately.

Powerful prayer to Oggún and Oshosi for protection and free us from evil

Great winners of all things, I come before you for my cleansing of mind and spirit, so that both I (full name) and my family enjoy the stability that only you my guides can provide.

I speak to you Oggún with your metal machete and to you Ochosi with your immense bow and perfect arrows. Do not allow anything to hinder my path, clear it and go through all the obstacles that are found for me. Keep everything bad from me, and from my home. Ashé.

Prayers to Ochosi in his day How to invoke it?

Let us remember that the day to celebrate Ochosi, we can also pray to him in gratitude for his blessings. The deity likes to be thanked and entertained by her children.

Therefore, after giving him his offerings, we can pray to him commenting on our happiness thanks to his influence in our life and also ask for his support and his company at all times.

Short Yoruba prayer:

One of his short, but powerful sentences that were translated from the Yoruba goes like this:

“Owner of all hunters and holy Justice, Hunter, do not sell me, or all children of the earth, give me a good path and with your arrows, for all evil that comes to me. Thank you my Father "

A miraculous prayer to Saint Norbert against enemies:

We can also dedicate this prayer to him in syncretism with the Catholic saint against enemies, evils and misfortunes.

"To you, great victor,
I ask you to confuse my enemies,
And make them come to me
For me to forgive them and take them
To the path of holy piety.

Deer and wild beasts
They were led by you to obedience,
And you were the most outstanding
And champion of the Christian

At your feet, I ask you
That you make my life look
Out of all danger
And can enjoy on earth,
With the fervor of God,
To be worthy of your blessing
In the hour of my death.


Prayers and rituals to Oshosi, the great vigilante warrior in Santeria:

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