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September 12, Oshun Day in the Yoruba Religion: A Prayer of Gratitude

Oshún Day Yoruba religion

September 12 is the day of Oshún in the Yoruba religion, although in the Rule of Osha or Santeria it is also celebrated on the 8th of the same month of September.

And it is that on the 8th the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, patron saint of Cuba who is syncretized with the Yoruba goddess, is venerated, for this reason in some religious houses one of the two days is venerated, or even on both dates.

You can venerate her whenever you want, and above all we must thank each day, the important thing is that it is from the heart, with great faith and humility to the goddess.

Oshún is the queen who protects us with her sweet waters

Oshún in the Yoruba pantheon She is the goddess of love and waterfalls, she is much adored in the Santeria or Rule of Osha for her powers, her miracles and her great mercy towards her devotees and children.

She is a mother who supports, a symbol of motherhood and love that advises and whispers in life the way forward.

Oshún falls madly in love, she is a beautiful looking goddess, she seduces, she moves her hips and over the sweet waters of the rivers, of which she is the owner, dances with her golden bracelets and moves with a hypnotizing waddle.

Oshún is also calamitous, she kills laughing, it is not known when she is angry, she is a justice and does not forgive faults in this world, but she is also too emotional, a wise and intrepid sorceress, an exemplary warrior, who fights and defeats her enemies only with his mirror and weapons of power.

Very beautiful prayer for the Yoruba goddess Oshún Thank you mother!

Before praying to Oshún if you wish and can do so, entertain the Yoruba goddess with some offerings such as:

  • 5 sunflowers
  • a glass of champagne or beer
  • yellow, gold or white candles
  • sweets with syrup and assorted desserts
  • yellow flowers like roses
  • some of your favorite foods (we leave some offerings at the end)

Pray this prayer dedicated to the Orisha with great faith, either on her day or whenever you want.

Lady of beauty and fertility, cover my paths of beauty and love, making my life more fertile in all areas, today and I always thank you for everything you give me.

Don't let me cry anymore for love, sadness, or misfortunes, bless my heart!

Bring your blessings into my life, respond to my requests (make your request with faith) so that I can find the beauty, harmony and richness that only the Lady of Honey gives to her children.

Oshún, golden lady with golden skin, blessed are your waters that wash my being and free me from evil, thank you honey for your goodness.

Oshún, divine queen, beautiful Orisha, protect me, make love a constant in my life, and may I love all of Olorun's creation.

Protect me from all witchcraft and sorcery, from enemies, diseases and evils.

Give me the nectar of your sweetness and may I get everything I want: the serenity to act in a conscious and balanced way.

May I be like its cool waters that follow trails along the rivers, cutting rocks and rushing through waterfalls, without stopping or having a way back, just following my path.

Flood me with your beauty, your goodness and your love, filling my life with prosperity. So be Oshún, thank you!

Do you want to see some offerings dedicated to Oshún? We share some and their procedures:

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