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Osun Day: June 24 we celebrate the custodian of the Yoruba believers

Osun Day

Osun, the rooster, the custodian and vigilant always alert, the one that guides us and advises us on the best paths to travel in the Yoruba religion, we celebrate this June 24 in Santeria, in syncretism with San Juan Bautista.

Every day and today in his celebration, to Osun our protector and advisor, we thank him for his eternal guidance and we ask him to always remain by our side.

Osun is a warrior, acts as a messenger for Olofi, and acts as a watchman for the believers of the Yoruba religion, who prevents evil from all.

He is an orisha of great power in the Rule of Osha-Ifá, he is the faithful messenger of Obatalá and Olofi and assistant of Orula. It represents life itself.

Osun is an Osha from the group of Orisha Oddé, commonly called The Warriors together with Elegguá the owner of the road, Oggún the master of iron and Oshosi the vigilante, the first that any initiate in the Yoruba Religion should receive.

Osun is the Yoruba deity who symbolizes the ancestors of an individual and therefore is the advisor of all devotees.

How should Ozun be cared for? our advisor?

Pataki the warriors
Cauldron of the Warriors next to Osun

Osun is the ancestral spirit that is related to the individual and that guides and warns them during their path in life.

We must bear in mind that to attend Osun, we must include faith and affection in all our prayers and offerings.

  • Osun is offered Orí (cocoa butter) and Efún (cascarilla), and in this way he is cared for, and if he wishes he lights a white candle.
  • Mainly doves (eyelé) and the same animals as warriors, except rooster or chicken, are sacrificed to him.
  • Their Ewe (plants) are the same as those of the other warriors, and they can also wear the Obbatalá ewe.
  • Among the fruits he likes bunches of grapes.

Osun is a delicate deity and we must attend to her with respect, this orisha is usually less attended, usually when she goes out in consultation or is indicated by the older religious for health or gratitude situations, for example.

Where is Osun placed in the house?

The Osun, our guardian, must be placed in a place in the house that is higher than the head of its owner.

Important: This place that we choose must be a place that has firmness, so that the representation of the orisha does not wobble or fall.

Your foundation should never lie down or lie down. Only if the one who owns it dies, Osun lies down, because he must go with his owner.

Prayer to Osun and its translation:

Every June 24, we must take advantage of the day and dedicate to Osun, our guide, prayers of thanks, speaking with confidence about our joys and sorrows.

We can also ask him for light and foresight for our paths and decisions.

Ozun ni oduro ma dubule agogoro mate adena mi nitosi ki kuelure ichaworo kuemi nitodi kí nigbati wa na kú ko gbamú mi atí titi rodona kuelu gbogbo na burukú, Odukue

Ozún has to be standing still, he cannot lie down, the clock rings, he does not sell me, my sentry so that with his bell he calls me, so that when death comes he does not grab me and continue on his way with everything bad. Thanks.

When is Osun Day and why? Syncretism in Santeria

Day Osun and Saint John the Baptist It is June 24 of each year. For their union and veneration in the same deity, their cult is celebrated at the same time.

In the syncretism that predominates in the mix of religious expressions on our Island, the figure of Osun joins this Catholic saint Saint John the Baptist, a traveling preacher valued as one of the main saints of Catholicism.

Learn more about Osun, his prayers, rituals and attentions:

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