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Day Oyá in Santeria: 9 favorite offerings to toast on your eve

Day Oyá Santeria

The day of Oyá in Santeria o Regla de Osha is celebrated in syncretism with the Virgen de la Candelaria on February 2, although it also joins the cult of Santa Teresa de Jesús on October 15.

Every year we wait for the great Osha Oyá with different offerings because for all of us, the Yoruba religious, Yanza is the one who gives us breath at birth, the one who guards the door between two worlds: life and death.

why is it so powerful Oyá for the religious Yorubas?

To her we owe the air we breathe and the powerful energy that shelters our body.

His existence in the Yoruba Pantheon it is observed and felt in the swaying of the plants, the whistle of the breeze, in the movement of the clouds and just by breathing our air.

Oyá dominates and cleanses our life with its winds, sometimes comforting and others in the form of tornadoes, transforming everything that is in its path.

A Oyá Like all the Oshas and Orishas, ​​you are attended with love and a lot of faith, this is vital.

Faith is the strength that you transmit when offering, it is the certainty of what you do not see, but feel and believe in what you have and exist.

9 Addimús to Yanza, what do you put as an offering to Oyá?

We can offer these beautiful offerings or addimús on the eve of Oyá or on her day, either February 2 or October 15, dates on which we celebrate Yanza in Santeria.

However, these offerings Oyá She will always receive them with pleasure because they are her favorites, you can place them in her name the day you feel like it to venerate her.

Put a lot of faith in him, and light a candle in his name to offer him, it can be white or any other color, except black.

Offerings that we can offer to the Orisha:

  1. A basket with assorted fruits such as pomegranate, coconut, Indian banana, star apple, purple plums, tamarind, papaya, purple grapes, among others.

The fruits mentioned above belong to Oyá, but if you don't have those you can offer her the ones you have because the important thing is to entertain her from the heart and with respect.

  1. A nice bouquet of mixed flowers, to symbolize the colors that she wears and wears.

But also remember that if you do not have you can offer wild flowers or any other. If you have some in the garden, the warrior Yanza will welcome them.

Its colors are those of the rainbow, browns, and bright tones, except black.

  1. Foods such as grilled sardines with corojo butter.
  2. A dessert like cornstarch custard with chocolate.
  3. Fried fish with red onion and dry wine.
  4. Sweets like meringues, and on top we put chocolate.
  5. Softened black-eyed bean balls or balls (without shells), are their favorite grains.
  6. Fruits such as aubergines cannot be missing, we place them divided into 9 pieces, which is their brand, they can be natural, spread with corojo or fried in corojo butter.
  7. The sweet potato loves it, place it in slices spread with corojo butter.

Many more offerings are put to our mother OyáBut the most important thing is faith.

You must take into account before putting your Addimú light two candles, ask for his blessing and always give him knowledge of what you offer him.

Never look at how simple an offering may seem, because no matter how simple it may seem, the important thing is our love for the courageous Yanza. Luxuries are useless if there is no faith.

We shared some very beautiful offerings to Oyá:

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