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March 19, Saint Joseph's Day: venerating the Patron Saint of Carpenters

St. Joseph's Day

Some countries like Venezuela celebrate March 19 as a non-working bank holiday for banks, but what does this have to do with the Catholic figure of José?

The anniversary that is commemorated is the Day of Saint Joseph, who in 1847 was named Saint Joseph the Worker as Patron of the Universal Church, by Pope Pius IX and was awarded the title of Patron of the Bank.

Joseph is the custodian husband of the Holy Family, with the Child Jesus and Mary, Mother of God, and one of the holy masters of trades.

Joseph was a carpenter, and today he is also revered as the patron saint of carpenters, engineers, and workers in general.

The putative father of Jesus worked in his workshop always surrounded by a halo of tranquility, as the old paintings show.

That is why it is also known as "The Saint of Silence", in addition to the fact that no words are known to him in the Scriptures, only acts of protection, love and a lot of faith towards his family.

Example of father and devotee What does your figure represent?

José is considered an example of a father, who in silence managed to comply with the angel's revelation to watch over the son he would have. the virgin mary.

Joseph protected Jesus at all times and fled with his family when it was revealed to him that Herod would try to kill the little boy.

"In the Gospels, Saint Joseph appears as a strong and brave man, a worker, but in his soul a great tenderness is perceived, which is not the virtue of the weak, but rather the opposite".

This is how Pope Francis expressed himself about Saint Joseph at the beginning of his pontificate in 2013.

One of the first titles used to honor this figure of the Church was "nutritor Domini", which means "guardian of the Lord".

Celebrations in honor of Saint Joseph around the world

The Solemnity of Saint Joseph is March 19 and the Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker (International Labor Day) is May 1.

However, it is said that March 19 is a special day of celebration for all people named José or Josefina.

Many communities throughout the world also celebrate festivities in honor of Saint Joseph. For example:

  • In Venezuela, March 19 has a big party in Elorza, Apure state, as part of the Patron Saint Festival in honor of San José.

In addition, Saint Joseph's Day is celebrated in other locations such as the city of Maracay, in the Cathedral consecrated to José de Nazaret and as a tribute to the workers it is assumed as a bank holiday.

  • He is celebrated in multiple cities in the countries that are under his patronage such as Canada, China, Croatia, Mexico, Korea, Austria, Belgium, Peru, the Philippines and Vietnam, as well as many Latin American nations.

We share some powerful prayers for the whole week:

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