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On June 6 to San Norberto we raise our prayers: Patron of Peace

St. Norbert's Day

To Saint Norbert, martyr and protector against injusticeWe pray to you this June 6 to ask for your eternal company.

Norberto, what does it mean "Man of the bright north" He is known as the founder of the Norbertine or Premonstratensian order of canons regular.

Who is Saint Norbert? Saint of justice

He was born in Germany and from a young age he stood out even at court for his intelligence and sharpness and also for his constant concern for social problems.

Because of his forward thinking, when he was assigned to the court of Henry V, he was entrusted with the imperial mandate to distribute charities.

But after a serious accident, he left court and took refuge in Xanten, where he led a life of penance under the direction of Cono, Abbot of Siegburg.

With his extreme sharpness, his courage and his faith, and despite the aftermath of his accident, Norberto spread the word of God throughout the communities and dedicated himself to fighting injustice and helping the underprivileged.

It is said that all people came to hear him: pastors, lawyers, clergy, and all received the light of the saint.

His clear words and his acts inspired by devotion, faith and charity won him numerous followers who have brought his ideas to this day.

June 6: attentions and offerings of faith to the Saint

On June 6, 1134, Norberto died haunted by fever, but the Catholic Church remembers him establishing that as the date of his saints.

On that day, the faithful go to numerous capitals around the world dedicated to remembering the religious legacy of Saint Norbert and they pray to him fundamentally asking him for protection and foresight in life.

Many invoke it to defeat enemies, envy, and injustice.

Saint Norberto's day is also prayed in the houses, on altars that contain the image of the saint and is entertained with candles and flowers.

To him, we also dedicate prayers of thanks for his company and his blessings.

Syncretism of San Norberto in Santeria:

orisha oshosi

The great Oshosi and Saint NorbertThey are deities compared for the similarities and warrior qualities they share.

Oshosi, the orisha of the Yoruba religion In Santeria it is this saint, who, like the African god, was brave and fought against injustice.

Among the orishas Oshosi stands out for his skill in hunting, his great tenacity to do justice and because he is a tireless warrior who fights to defend his own.

Both are venerated in the Santeria or Rule of Osha in a single cult, a product of the transculturation suffered by the African communities brought from Africa.

Prayer to Saint Norbert against injustice and enemies 7 Arrows I ask you to win!

With this miraculous and powerful prayer of Saint Norberto, syncretized with the orisha of the Yoruba pantheon Ochosi, we ask both warriors to help us subdue the enemy, to bring us peace, justice, and may envy, evil eyes and everything the bad does not come into our life.

May they save us with their arrows and help us win to be victorious like them, powerful warriors.

Oh glorious Saint Norbert!

At your feet your devotee prostrates,

great admirer of your greatness,

Well, you were the greatest defender

of goodness, faith and charity.

Great righteous warrior,

hunter par excellence,

that you help the persecuted,

have mercy on meí and give me your favor.

With your seven arrows give me help,

one for my enemies,

another for slanderers,

another for the envious,

another for traitors,

another for the unfaithful,

another for those who do not believe in the wrath of god

and the other for those who turn away

of the true path of providence.

My beloved Saint Norbert,

that with your great value

you tamed the beasts

and you defeated the devil many times,

you can grant me the requests

that in this prayer I do you,

for the holy cross, which was your motto.

To you, great victor,

I ask you to confuse my enemies

and make them come to me

for me to forgive them

and lead them to the path of holy piety.

You tamed the deer

and get you obedience from beasts,

you were the most outstanding champion

of the preachers of Christendom.

At your feet, I ask you

that you make my life

look out of danger

and may enjoy God's favor in the land,

to be worthy of your blessing

in the hour of my death.


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