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Do you know the real meaning of All Saints and All Souls Day?

All saints and faithful departed day

The Commemoration of the Faithful Departed, also called All Saints' Day, is a celebration that takes place every year on November 2.

Whose objective is to pray for those who have finished their earthly life and who left for a better place.

On this day, families offer prayers for their ancestors and for those beings who have recently passed away and who still do not have the necessary light to find themselves in peace next to the Lord's throne.

Why is the Day of the Dead and All Saints' Day celebrated?

This celebration dedicated to the deceased pursues the purpose of giving comfort to the dead who still roam the earth without finding their resting place.

It also pursues the objective of commemorating those who left some time ago, while continuing to offer a prayer for the deceased who have no grave or name and who have been forgotten by chance of fate.

When did the worship of the faithful departed arise?

The religious commemoration of the dead is extremely old.

It is believed that from the beginning of mankind, cavemen worshiped their dead.

In pre-Hispanic times, the aborigines called their brother spirits for advice.

With the arrival of the colonizers, a process of transculturation occurred in America in which November 2 was established as the date to worship the saints and also the deceased under the doctrines of the Catholic Church.

Why do people go to the cemetery to pray?

On this day, believers offer their prayers in order to bestow upon souls:

  • Light,
  • consolation and
  • spiritual development.

Many people have taken the initiative to pray directly in the chapels and in the cemeteries located in the cemeteries, in order to feel closer to the grave of their loved ones.

The adoration of the most popular Catholic Saints

It is common that on this date flowers and candles are offered to the saints and the deceased, as a token of gratitude and affection.

In some houses widows and devotees pray rosaries on behalf of the deceased.

Although on this date all the saints are worshiped in commemoration of Christ, the Virgin Mary and the Virgin of Guadalupe stand out above the other deities, filling their temples with flowers and faithful who come there in the name of faith.

Always in the churches on November 2 a mass is held to honor the deceased, a ceremony that is public and solemn.

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