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In January we celebrate the Orishas Eleguá and Ozain together with their syncretism

Eleguá and Ozain Day

January is an auspicious month for celebrations of great faith dedicated to extremely powerful Orishas, ​​highly respected within the Yoruba belief. 

We entertain them in keeping with their Catholic syncretism and the cults join in immense celebrations filled with displays of devotion and love.

Eleguá and Ozain Day arrives in Santeria in January

Now let's learn more about these powerful and ancient Yoruba orishas.

OrishaPower in the PantheonCelebration daySyncretism
EleguaOwner of the roads and the 4 corners January 6 Holy Child of Atocha
osainLord of the mountains and natureJanuary 17 San Antonio Abad

We celebrate Eleguá the prince de la Ocha on January 6

We celebrate the little prince Eleguá, the first protection of each devotee, together with one of his Catholic syncretisms, the Santo Niño de Atocha.

When the African slaves arrived in America they tried at all costs to maintain their customs, beliefs and religions, and they had no other way than to unite their faith and their gods to the Saints of their masters, for this reason, currently in Santeria they are celebrated together, under a single faith.

The Holy Child of Atocha It is a Catholic representation of the Child Jesus, very popular and revered in the pre-Hispanic cultures of Spain.aña, Mexico, the Philippines, and the southwestern United States, especially New Mexico. In Cuba he is also very loved for his miracles.

Characteristics and powers of Eleguá in Santeria:

For the Yoruba, Eleguá is the one who opens the way to continue in religion, a fearsome and fierce warrior when he joins Oggún and Oshosi, to protect those who begin the spiritual path.

In the Rule of Osha or Santeria, he is the first Orisha received, as it is said that with Olofi, Obbatalá and Orula he won enough privileges to always be the first.

That is why it is located behind the door, to be the first to be greeted by visitors and from that privileged position, to protect the home and family.

To the absolute owner of the roads and destiny, Eleguá and the miraculous Niño de Atocha, we entertain them from their facets as naughty and intrepid children.

So we can give them treats and toys, flowers and vekas by holding celebrations in which the little ones and colors predominate, and of course, raising our prayers of thanks and faith to them.

We share some prayers to the holy orisha:

We entertained Ozain, owner of the mountain, on January 17

To Ozain del Monte, a powerful connoisseur of herbs and the secrets of vegetation in the Yoruba PantheonWe celebrate it on January 17 in syncretism with San Antonio Abad.

The holy Abbot was a Christian monk, founder of the hermitic movement, who is known to have abandoned his property to lead a hermit existence and thus know all the teachings of God.

In Santeria Ozain governs nature and it is said that he is nature itself, and also lives isolated within the natural world, perhaps this is the quality that unites both deities.

Learn more about Osain, powerful Yoruba healer

So powerful is the cult of Osain that Yoruba legends say that his knowledge saves life and drives away disease and death.

He is a doctor, owner and wise man of all the secrets of nature, among which are the immense properties of plants, animals and minerals.

All Oshas and Orishas have an Osain and it is necessary to count on him for any consecration, since in all it is necessary to use herbs and plants.

We celebrate Ozain together with San Antonio Abad in cults that blend between displays of devotion and faith.

Both are given offerings related to nature such as flowers and seeds, in addition to the tobacco and brandy that the Orisha prefers.

Know these prayers to both deities:

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