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Pray in his day to the Santo Niño de Atocha with Eleguá: Learn about his history

Holy Child of Atocha Day

Portrayed as a small Spanish pilgrim, the image of the child Jesus, known as the Holy Child of Atocha, is venerated by all the Catholic faithful on January 6.

In Cuba, his celebration and worship in Santeria joins that of the Yoruba Orisha Eleguá, the Lord of the Paths. Both miracle children are celebrated with parties, treats, and a lot of faith.

Let us remember that the devout tradition of the Santo Niño de Atocha always includes the Virgin Mary, as it is appropriate to first request permission from the child's mother before asking something of the child.

For this reason, most of the petitions that are raised ask for the blessing of Mary.

The legend of the miraculous child by Atocha

The devotion to Our Lady of Atocha and her child originated in Antioch, thanks to the first sculpture of the Virgin with her son in her arms, by Saint Luke the Evangelist.

For the year 1523, the monarch Carlos V of Spainaña he had a temple built in his honor and from that moment it spread throughout Spain.aña and the world.

The story of the miraculous child of Atocha emerged in that European nation, in the Madrid suburb of the same name.

It was a dangerous time when the caliph issued an order that no one except small children could feed the prisoners. 

The women of the village begged the Virgin Mary for their husbands, children and brothers, who did not have any children in the family and could not feed themselves in prison. Before long, it was rumored that a young boy was visiting and feeding these prisoners, but no one knew who he was.

The boy arrived at night and passed the guards who slept to bring food to the prisoners. One day the women of the village saw that the shoes on the statue of the baby Jesus were worn and they replaced them with new ones, but those too were worn.

Thus began the immense cult and veneration of Our Lady of Atocha and her Holy Child.

Pray for the blessing of the Child who protects us

When the Spanish arrived in the New World, they brought their devotions with them, and thus the devotion for Our Lady of Atocha and her Divine Child arrived in America.

In his day, many pay him tribute by raising prayers to thank him and ask for a miracle.

So it is prayed to him, before making your request you can light a candle in his name.

Miraculous prayer on the Day of the Holy Child of Atocha to make a request:

My Virgin Mary, Lady of Atocha, I request your permission to address your miraculous son, because I know that with your help I will be able to get ahead in this difficult situation. 

Child of Atocha, protector of all men, shelter of the underdog, divine doctor of any disease.

Most Powerful Child, I praise you on this day and I offer you these three Our Fathers and Hail Marys with Gloria Patri, in memory of that journey you made incarnate in the most pure entrails.añas of your most loving Mother, from that holy city of Jerusalem to Bethlehem.

Today I thank you for your guidance and blessing and I ask you to grant me what I beg of you, (make the request with great faith).

I hope, precious Child of Atocha, that you do not abandon me in what I beg and intend, I am sure that I will not be heartbroken and I will achieve good luck

To get to accompanyañaart in Bethlehem of Glory


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