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A candle and prayers on September 7 to the Virgencita de Regla on her day

Our Lady of Regla Day

Today is the day of the Virgin of Regla, a saint who has given me more than what I have asked for, I trust every day in her power as a mother, because it is immense, it cannot be compared with anything in this world, her mantle covers us even when we do not ask for it, when we are sad and distressed, in the midst of adversity there she is, protecting the path that our steps walk.

Every September 7Like every day, I thank her for her blessing, I look at her holy card, I kiss her, and I remember with joy all the bad paths that she has saved me, because she is so merciful and miraculous, that she can do everything, even what we believe is impossible.

Faith and gratitude flood me today, it is a new day, a new opportunity to give thanks, to love, to esteem others from kindness and humility, to embrace my loved ones in a hug, to enjoy health that has been given to me, to live, to understand that there is nothing more beautiful than to exist and have the blessing and protection of the Saints, the Orishas, ​​my spiritual guides, my ancestors, my family, my loved ones , and everything wonderful that surrounds me, unique creation of Olodumare, thank you from my heart.

Light a candle and with love dedicate this prayer to the Virgin of Regla on her day

With much gratitude and love, in the light of a candle or a wick, offer these words to the little virgin, a short prayer that she will receive with immense kindness and love in her day.

  • You can do this prayer whenever you want, not just on your day, whenever you want to connect with its energy and ask it to help you, or simply thank it, you can use it.

Virgin of Regla, my beloved saint:

Loving mother who never abandons us, who saves us with your blessed miracles, thank you very much for being so kind to me.

I give you my infinite gratitude and I implore you to cast your eyes on me and my family so that I may be able to fight the battles of life with courage and love, until the time comes to come into the presence of our Lord and be judged in heaven, always having you by my side as a lawyer and my mother. 


A request to our Virgin of Regla for her custody

We also share this very beautiful prayer in his name, especially if you want to make a special request for him to intercede and help you.

You can put a white or blue candle on it, and by the light of this candle ask it to help you.

I advise you to pray every day until you see that the paths are opening and your situation is being solved. Remember, put faith, humility and love.

Our Lady of Regla, Our Queen and tender Mother,
trusting in your great love I kneel before you with humility.
My good and merciful mother
I implore you, be my protector and advocate against all evil and misery.
I beg you for mercy, because you never ignore the bitterness that torments my soul.
Make me worthy son of yours, to wash away my sins through the veneration of your miraculous custody.
Blessed Virgin of Regla, I beg you to listen to my request.
Give me your generous help, joy, refuge and help.
Virgin of Regla, who shines like a star,
your name inspires me with hope to seek your refuge.
You are the shining star of the sea and your light leads to save us like a guiding beacon.
Always be my guide and take me to the port of heaven through your mediation.
May your blessing never fail me and protect me.

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