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Ifá says ≫ Love yourself first and then then Love the world

Ifá says love yourself first

Legend has it that there once existed a princess, the one who was extremely besieged by the attempts of conquest that her suitors manifested.

Her beauty caused a great impact in the eyes of those who observed her, so much so that one day a young man from the town without fortunes or surname decided to woo her.

Love that was not reciprocated by the lady, because she considered that she deserved a rich man by her side, who would fill her with the luxuries to which she was used to living.

The Story of a love that was never returned

Sacrifice for love

The princess raised the possibility of their romance with the young man only when he possessed the fortune that could support their marriage union.

Then the knight blinded by love, agreed to such an agreement, leaving for other lands in search of the fortune that he required to obtain the heart of his lover.

Over the years the man took possession of a rich fortune, after having suffered from hunger and other precariousness, which he kept secret.

He established various businesses, which spread through the mountains and cities.

The period in which he was working in the forest was the hardest of all, because the solitude and silence of nature brought to his mind the memories of the woman he loved and who by chance of fate was thousands of kilometers away. hence, then a deep sadness made his heart shrink.

The arrival of a faithful friend

In his saddest days, he struck up a melody that was bitter and sweet at the same time, which was to the liking of a nightingale who always listened to it with special care.

As the days passed, the young man established emotional ties with the audacious bird, becoming good friends.

The honest man told the nightingale the sorrows that tormented him, finding in the nightingale's company the calm he needed to mitigate his sadness.

one mañaNa the young man left to return to his land, in order to conquer the heart of his beloved, forgetting to say goodbye to the bird that had been his faithful confidant throughout this period of his life, a fact that caused great disappointment in the nightingale.

Upon arriving in his native country, he appeared at the feet of the princess, situated at that level he recounted his adventures and experiences in detail.

Then he shared with her the happiness of having the great fortune that the lady longed for so much to be happy, she replied that they could celebrate their wedding but that before this he should bring her a red rose.

The princess's trap and the nightingale's sacrifice

The princess with great cunning entrusted this mission to the young man, being the perfect excuse to escape from a loveless marriage, because she knew that it would be impossible to find said flower, because in her land the roses did not grow, making its cultivation impossible. 

The man, blinded by love and unaware of the trap in which the princess placed him, left for other lands in search of the rose.

The path that led him to the forest where he had met the nightingale, the melody that the bird whistled was unmistakable.

So he asked his friend for help to find the flowers, although he was hurt by what happened some time ago, he agreed to help the gentleman, the search lasted longer than expected, finding only white roses.

At nightfall the nightingale asked his friend to sleep in order to regain strength, when he fell asleep the nightingale placed himself on the white roses and with a thorn he sacrificed his life so that the beautiful flowers were stained with his blood, adopting from this forms the color red.

The next day the man woke up happy, took the red roses and began his return journey without stopping to think for a second about his friend.

Upon arriving before the princess, she showed the repudiation she felt towards him and refused to marry despite all the sacrifices that this man had made to win her love.

This story teaches us the advice of Ifa What a date:

Love yourself first and then love the world.

Sometimes we waste time on loves that are not worth it, leaving aside people who are really worth gold in our lives, without realizing it, we focus on making others happy, thus seeking their approval without thinking that we are moving away from the path that it leads to our own happiness and self-esteem.

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