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What does Ifá tell us in Ogbe Iroso? Don't change I'll never go and luck for money

Says Ogbe Iroso

Humility is the greatest virtue that Ogbe Iroso enjoys, because of this odun when one is humble, everything in life is achieved.

Some powerful tips from Odun:

  1. Altars were born in this sign, so it is necessary for the individual to set up an altar in his house to venerate his Orishas.

Depending on how the religious takes care of his altar will be the benefits that he will later receive from the hands of his saints.

  1. For this Ifá, the man feels bad for not being able to fulfill all the expectations that are had of his person.

Situation that generates anguish because among his goals he contemplates being a good son, husband, father and friend, objectives that he will achieve little by little.

  1. Orunmila warns the religious that his circle of friends cannot be made up of people who discourage him and who are continually making destructive criticisms of him.

Well, this type of person will never want your good or deserve the virtue of your company.

Ogbe Iroso is a sign where man was born to be king

Ogbe Iroso is a letter in which one is the victim of blackmail and slander, osogbos moved by envy and the need for recognition felt by the enemy.

But despite this, Ogbe Iroso is a sign where he was born to be a king and in which the person shines with his own light, despite the continued effort made by others to overshadow him and diminish his credibility.

Ifá says: you should not change the ir for money

This letter requires the religious to live with order and discipline.

It's recommended avoid legal problems and do not engage in gossip.

In this Ifá the maracas were born, when the man feels sad he should put music so that the osogbos and bad energies come out of his ilé (house).

Ifá says that you treasure a family heirloom that will bring you luck, do not sell it, because you should not exchange the ir for money.

In this odun, the properties are first signed and then the real estate is enjoyed

In this odun, the properties are first signed and then the real estate is enjoyed.

Ogbe Iroso cannot live in houses for which he does not have the title deed because in the long run, due to this, he can be left on the street.

In the same way, illegal equipment or items are not acquired.

Other tips and warnings to keep in mind:

  • In Ogbe Iroso the curses that are thrown at the children have repercussions on the parents.
  • This letter talks about the reproductive organs, marking their own conditions, so you are advised to go to the doctor as soon as possible.
  • Orunmila says that you will visit other lands, always attend to Eleggua so that no obstacles appear in your way.

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